There are very few products in markets that truly meet customer demands and are exactly how they are advertised by producers to be. The collaborative communication market is no exception to this. Although one of the fastest growing and most innovative of today’s industries, it has some leading products that are preferred by its wide customer base owing to their better quality and functionality.

This discussion is focused on one of these leading products, the Hitachi StarBoard FX-89WE2 Interactive Whiteboard. This interactive whiteboard comes from the well known creation house of Hitachi that is credited for various other popular products, and packs all the features people want in a whiteboard.

To start with, the StarBoard FX-89WE2 features the dream screen! With the humongous 89” display and true to life resolution, it is all set to enrich the communication experience of users. Being an interactive whiteboard, it is designed to simultaneously detect 4 touch points so more than one user can collaborate on it at the same time.

Moreover, it is supplemented by the infamous StarBoard software package developed by Hitachi. It allows all sorts of whiteboarding functions, including file import/export and sharing, annotations, handwriting recognition, and browsing the internet. For office users, it is designed to be compatible with major OS and MS Office software.

With all these qualities, FX-89WE2 Interactive Whiteboard is a useful tool in many areas of application. Discussed below are just two of these innumerable applications, just to give an insight as to what an interactive whiteboard is capable of.


Now this might be the average office or the meeting room of a multinational company, the function of FX-89WE2 is the same: to enable interactivity among co-workers. Brainstorming is a need of every modern firm, and interactive whiteboards are the ideal platform for this stimulating activity.

People have the freedom of importing any kind of media file and annotating over it, mixing up their ideas with the content on the display. Then the remarkable facility to be able to video conference colleagues living in any part of the globe adds a further element to the final product, as expert advice can be sourced within seconds.



Hitachi StarBoard FX-89WE2 Interactive Whiteboard is an amazing addition to any classroom. With interactivity induced in the classroom, teachers and students can actively take part in the learning process. Students can actually collaborate on the screen with their teachers and peers in a fun way, guaranteeing that they learn concepts their own way.Teachers can benefit of the annotation features as well. Any presentations, e-books, and media content can be displayed on the screen and notes can be added to provide customized teaching to individual classes or students.


With all this said, we’re sure it is pretty clear how important Hitachi StarBoard FX-89WE2 Interactive Whiteboard is as a collaborative communication product. Any place that plans to optimize their way of work should definitely put this at top of their priority list.