With the continuous advancements in technology, every day new gadgets and devices are introduced in the market for ease and improvement of our lifestyle. Like everybody else, students particularly kids want new ways of learning. They want something thought to prove for them and that gives them chance to enhance their learning capabilities. They want something that is fun for them. They want a blend of both education and entertainment. For this purpose, teachers opt for interactive touch screen devices that promote collaborative and interactive learning in the classroom. One of the interactive touch screen devices is Promethean ActivPanel.

It is widely in use by the people from around the globe. They have an interactive visual display. Promethean ActivPanel allows the users to interact with the screen directly. Due to the collaborative features in the Promethean ActivPanel, people in the business sector and education sector be it, teachers or students, love this device.

Why Choose Promethean ActivPanel?

Promethean ActivPanel is preferred over other similar devices. The Promethean ActivPanel is an Interactive Touch screen that is an incredible addition to the digital market. This interactive Touch screen is equipped with numerous state of the art functions that make it an enormously convenient device to use for the teachers to teach the students.

Features of Promethean ActivPanel

Promethean ActivPanel plays a vital role in redefining teaching processes around the globe. Promethean produces educational tools that introduce the essential element of interaction in classrooms activities, where educators can teach using various creative technologies that are more efficient and effective in teaching students.

ActivPanel is a device with 70-80 inch screen size. It has high definition resolution. It has multiple user capabilities. It allows multiple users to interact with the screen at the same time with its multiple touch points. It is compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows, and Chrome operating systems. Its interactive touch screen interfaces are quite easy to use. The Promethean ActivPanel comes with potent software that this convenient to use such as class flow. It is quite easy to connect. It has various connectivity options.

The Promethean Active Panel can connect to peripheral ports like USB, HDMI, VGA, OPS, etc. It comes with built in powerful speakers of 20 watts for crisp and loud audio of the things you display on the screen. You will not need extra speakers for audio. They come with the adjustable powerful stand. It gives detailed and clear visuals. Its multi touch screen provides interaction for effective collaboration during business meetings and class discussions.

Educational Package

The Promethean ActivPanel has an interactive touch screen display designed in such a way to revolutionize the lecture delivery of the teachers. The Promethean ActivPanel has educational software packages that allow the teachers to make their lessons more interactive and effective and motivate the students to show interest in the lessons taught. CLassFLow is the educational software package. The features integrated into the system, provide an amazing experience to the users. This makes it an intuitive choice for the teachers and students and gives immersive experience.

Promethean ActivPanel is ideal for classroom discussions and business meetings. It is highly recommended for collaborative and interactive learning. This device comes with warranty of quality, and performance. That is why it is preferable over other devices.