Interactive Whiteboard has established its status in the present world as an undeniable requirement for improving educators’ proficiency in technology and research and thereby improving the students’ learning outcomes. Interactive whiteboards in classrooms allow teachers to engage students actively during lessons by encouraging them to share their ideas through interactive whiteboard screens.

According to research, hands-on learning allows students to learn in a better way as they engage both mentally and physically in such lessons without losing interest. In addition, portable electronic whiteboards these days allow users to switch locations when desirable without any hindrance thus enhancing their versatility in academic environment.

Interactive whiteboards in classrooms have a wide-ranged applicability. For instance, these can serve well for arranging interactive lessons and presentations, which may include exciting clippings and audio. It also encourages collaborative problem solving and displaying student projects or presentations. Interactive whiteboards also allow exciting virtual tour experiences for students that helps in improving their insight.

General Specifications of Portable Electronic Whiteboard

One of the main advantage of using Portable electronic whiteboard is that it can convert any flat surface into an Interactive whiteboard in classrooms, whether it be a flat wall, blackboard, or an LCD panel. Installation is easy to do without complications by just mounting the sensor to a projector or a ceiling. This also makes it cost effective and easy to handle instrument. Its portability makes it easy to transport and fit into any type of environment.

Portable electronic whiteboards come instilled with multi-touch sensing technology and can connect easily to other electronic devices such as iPad and computer. One can use the portable interactive whiteboards as many times as desired.

In addition, users can receive latest software updates in order to gain best functionality. As portable electronic whiteboards do not need external hardware, the cost of installation and maintenance significantly reduces. Their portability also allows people to use one device in various classrooms instead of installing a separate interactive Whiteboard at every location. With internet access, such devices allow users to share data through browsing and hold video conferences as desired.

Donview Electronic Whiteboard

Among Portable interactive whiteboards, the Donview electronic whiteboard is a preferable option with its advanced attributes. It is uses the Ultrasonic and Infrared Wireless Calibrate Technology. Donview Electronic Whiteboard is compatible with various operating systems i.e., Windows XP, Windows 7, and Vista. It can be attached to any conventional surface and convert it into a standard Interactive whiteboard. Donview electronic whiteboard is equipped with advanced wireless technology that enables its portability. It comes with a specially designed electronic pen, which support left and right key function and fully simulate the function of mouse.

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