White board is an indispensable device for students. It has become a need for everyone who wants to enhance their productivity. It is easy to present and organize the stuff on the board.  White board is a great tool for the presentation of ideas in the offices. It is easy to write on it and easy to erase the stuff that you don’t want with you. Due to these advantages and demand for whiteboards, there are different types of interactive whiteboards available in the market. These interactive whiteboards are available in attractive styles, different features, and sizes. Here is a list of few interactive whiteboards that are the best for you.

Triumph Board 89 (6 Touches)

Triumph board 89 is an interactive whiteboard that is available with the touch display. Simultaneously six users can use it. They can use it for writing, drawing, and moving bits and pieces with their two fingers. Triumph 89 also possesses a cloud storage that helps the user to upload the data online. This whiteboard is good for use in the offices, schools, and conference rooms. It is an ideal substitute for conventional whiteboards.


  • Six user’s feasibility
  • Connect to a computer with a USB 2.0
  • 32768 x 32768 Resolutions
  • 20/32 kg weight of the board
  • 1935x 1150 mm screen size       
  • 0.5 w power consumption rate


Smart Board SBX880

This type of interactive white board is an ideal tool in the field of education. Its touch function is helpful for the students and teachers equally. They can easily write and erase information of their choice. This smart board increases the participation of the pupils in the classroom that enhances their productivity and leaves them with good results. That is the reason it is ideal for all the classrooms of today’s age.


  • 4000x4000 Resolution
  • Dual touch capacity
  • The smart ink used for proper application of digital ink
  • Smart notebook
  • One pen tray
  • Two pens with one eraser
  • Two years warranty
  • 21.5 kg weight

Mini Board Touch 780T

Mini board touch is an interactive white board that provides an engaging environment for learning along with the experience of touch. Simultaneously six learners can work on this board with their fingers and pen while three learners can use twofold touch gestures. It also provides a free connection to three mobiles that will help the students to control the board at any place in the classroom. It has USB cable as well through which a user can be plugged in any part of the world. Its touch screen allows any object to be used for work. The presenter or user can use his finger or firm object on the board that will not affect its touch screen.


  • Lightweight and easily place able
  • Six individual and three dual touch capability
  • Durable, fascinating and easily removable
  • 13.6 kg weight
  • Aluminum frame
  • 3w Power consumption

Hitachi starboard FX-89WE2

Hitachi starboard model Fx-89WE2 is another type of interactive whiteboard that is an ideal tool for collaborative communication. It makes the presentations engaging and interesting. Teachers can use it to conduct games and other group activities. It can be used for remote conferencing as well. It is compatible with the operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can be easily used with the Hitachi starboard, software installed in it.


  • Possesses 89 touch screen panel
  • Its touch screen is one glass layer that makes it different from other whiteboards in the market.
  • 77.25 (W) x 48.25 (H) its screen size
  • 2 years warranty
  • 53lbs net weight
  • 82lbs gross weight
  • 4 touch inputs
  • Can use finger, pen, and Stylus
  • USB as a touch interface

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