We are living in a digital world where every action of ours is becoming digital. Interactive whiteboards are ideal for sharing ideas, collaborative learning, and presentations. However, they are also good for those who are not present at the same place for the collaboration. In such a situation, a conventional whiteboard is not enough because you need to interact with the team members who are not there with you at the same place. For this purpose, there is a need for an online whiteboard for collaboration with the others who are not with you at the same place. Let us look at few online whiteboards.

Aww App

Aww App, an online whiteboard that is easy to handle. You have to go for login at AwwApp.com. After this, you can make this board personal for inviting others to take part. It is a free model that gives you access to an online whiteboard. Here all the participants can easily draw and include their ideas. The background of the board is white that contains dot grid for help in writing and arranging the text. It is a good addition to it. It also contains a swipe eraser that is helpful for removing a particular area with the help of selection tool.

Web whiteboard

A web whiteboard is an ideal online tool. There is no need to download any app or to go to login. The users can work online directly; they can invite the guests and colleagues for sharing ideas with each other. You do not need to wait for a long time to start the board; it will take few seconds to begin. You can invite your team members for meeting or discussion within few seconds. Web whiteboard also has a text editor because of this feature you can work on the board directly. You can also use sticky notes for the feedback.


Ziteboard is a lightweight and zoomable whiteboard. It has no need of any type of set up and logging in. It is a shareable board; its URLs will be permanent through which you can get back to the old board easily. The users of Ziteboard can publish their whiteboard on the web. In this way, other people can see it but they cannot edit anything. You can also synchronize your screens as well. The colleagues can see the current look of the screen easily. Ziteboard can recognize the shapes easily and can make its edges smooth and tidy. It also possesses a word press connection as well as an extension of Google Chrome. It is really a handy online whiteboard.


The focus of Scribblar is education with distinctive features that will not be there in other online boards. It has an APIs solution that is beneficial for learning as well as education. Unluckily, there is no free version of Scribblar; it requires a trial of fourteen days. The users should be serious before adopting a Scribblar as a whiteboard. Its Wolfram Alpha is integration a potent tool for learning and especially it is ideal for solving the problems of math. It also has a special section for the lesson resources plus information. It also contains equation editor that makes the Scribblar a perfect digital whiteboard for education.


Twiddla is an online whiteboard that is web-based and set up free. You can invite the coworkers for discussion any time. There is no need for logging in as well. You can share the web pages with your friends plus colleagues. You can directly go to the webpage and can work with the drawing host, marking and writing tools for identifying the stuff you will share with the coworkers in the meeting. There is no limitation for inviting the users to a meeting. Twiddla is browser-based there is no need to download anything. However, you have an option to save the Twiddla board and can upload it for the second time for more editing.