Interactive portable devices are being widely used for different purposes. They are great for business activities, in classrooms for teaching students in an interactive way and for delivering presentations. Interactive portable devices transform every ordinary surface into a collaborative and interactive workplace. They can connect to your equipment laptop or projector.


If you are organizing, brainstorming or communication ideas, interactive portable devices are the best options for classrooms, training rooms, broadcasting studios and business purposes. Tablets can serve this purpose but interactive whiteboard apps have an edge over it.

Interactive whiteboards have great touch controls and have easy sharing features. Interactive Portable Devices have better collaborating features that help students and teachers to think, creating ideas, developing new teaching techniques and organizing things. They also allow teachers to make great presentations.

Interactive whiteboards have large screens with the standalone system on a chip (SOC). They also connect to tablet or laptop for user interactions. Interactive whiteboards either work with the help of Smart magnetic pens and infrared touch technology. Thus, the digitized system has made keyboard obsolete. Interactive whiteboards have some inbuilt features that make it a unique device. These features include inbuilt graphs, charts, and polls. Interactive whiteboards are manufactures in such a way that they have virtual versions of tools like protractors, rulers, and compasses.

Interactive whiteboard apps have replaced standard whiteboards for teaching purposes. Interactive whiteboards are famous as smart boards. This technological development has changed the way of teaching in a better way. Instead of cramming lectures from textbooks, students and teachers opt for an interactive way of learning and teaching. Interactive whiteboard software provides flexibility to interpret information and flexibility of interacting with third party or website.

Interactive portable devices are very light in weight and as their name indicates they can be carried everywhere. Their touch technology allows users to move freely without make any contact with the screen. Interactive portable devices transform every traditional workplace into a collaborative and interactive workplace. When connected to a projector, computer, or laptop, interactive whiteboards create a collaborative environment where everyone can engage freely to play their equal role in discussions.

Interactive Whiteboards for Class Rooms

Interactive Whiteboard technology has taken the control of your classrooms. The large screen display of a whiteboard allows all the students present in the class to learn the things displayed on the screen, at the same time. This helps to reduce the efforts of the teacher to personally go to every student and make them understand what she is teaching. This also helps to save the time for the teachers.

Interactive Whiteboards for Business

Interactive portable devices have become an integral part of business organizations. They are a tool for improving work efficiency by promoting collaborative activities in the business environment. Interactive whiteboards for business provide high quality images on a large screen to keep the audience more attentive throughout the business meetings.

With video camera technology, interactive whiteboards allow video conferencing. It allows video conferencing from the clients and business partners from all over the world. Such collaborations promote better learning chances and help to improve the performance of the whole business group. Big screens give opportunities to the audience to show complete participation in the discussion, giving in depth understanding of the things. One of the most useful features of the interactive whiteboards is that they provide a facility for saving and storing the content of the presentation for future use.