An ultra-short throw projector is a projector that can create larger pictures from shorter distances. The advantage is that during a presentation the presenter is not standing in the light of the projector. That way he or she does not cast an annoying shadow on the screen. The presenter has the benefit that he cannot be blinded anymore by the light of a projector shining in his face. The ultra-short throw projectors mount only inches from the presentation (screen) wall, ideal for interactive presentations. The ultra-short throw projectors are mostly reserved for interactivity, as doing better there, helps justify the higher costs. Today’s offices or classrooms requires that the audience be completely involved in the lecture being delivered but in the current time lack of interactivity might make this impossible, therefore interactive ultra-short throw projector make use of the user’s gestures or some other control mechanism to quickly and in real time make changes to the ongoing lecture or presentation. Also with its ability to interact with the screen, the user can easily play videos or go to the internet for anything of their liking. Long throw projectors can be cheaper than their short throw competitors, but they also don’t lend themselves too well to home theaters when there’s only so much space between the couch and the opposing wall. Ultra-short throws are spectacular for sitting-room only setups, though that bonus comes at a cost. Ultra-short throws are pricier, and also don’t adapt as well to further projection distances the way a long throw can. If the user plans on using their projector for any other projects or presentations outside of a home theater exclusively, a long throw might be the better choice. All in all, the interactive ultra-short throw projectors are the perfect choice for any classroom or office where a medium sized audience needs to be addressed.