It is a known fact that Interactive white boards are expensive. There are schools with a low budget that cannot afford these expensive whiteboards. In such situation, there is a dire need to go for some alternatives. While some schools favor the functionality of interactive white boards, they are not in favor of using a board itself. We have a solution for this preference as well. There are a number of alternatives to interactive white boards. Let us have a look at few of them.

Interactive projectors

Interactive projectors eradicate the necessity of an interactive whiteboard. However, the users have to use an exclusively designed pen for interaction. The Mentors and pupils can easily interact with the image via the help of laptop or computer linked to the projector.

Interactive projectors are there in three different types:

Ultra short throw: This projector is easy to fix directly on top of the wall that should be higher than the required surface. The users can use an exclusively designed pen for interaction.

Short throw:

This projector can fix on the wall around 0.5-1 meter. The users can interact by using an exclusively designed pen (this model has replaced with the projector i.e. ultra short throw).


This projector is placed able on the table around 2-3 meters distance from the required surface. Interactive projectors contain software tools that help the users in drawing, annotating, and capturing the images.

Standard Projectors

Mentors and pupils can interact with the image projected from anywhere in the classroom and they can even interact with the outside of the class.

Mimio Teach

Mimio teach is an interactive system that is extremely handy as well as cost-effective. It contains a bar that is magnetic. This bar can easily identify the actions of the interactive pen.

Motion sensor solutions

Standard projectors are there with the motion sensors like Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion.

Leap Motion

Leap Motion is actually a small USB that can follow the gestures of hand and finger. The users can control the computer with its help. The users can also use the Leap Motion with the headsets.


Microsoft Kinect is a motion sensor that is trying to create touch fewer signal interactions with a combination of a software solution.

Wiimote Solutions

Wiimote is an inexpensive alternative to the interactive whiteboards. To work with this you must have a computer, infrared pen, and a projector. One more thing, it is very delicate and suitable only for the ones who are very patient.

Projector Along with a Secondary Device

Parallels Access

The users of iPad can connect from a distance to the windows through this amazing app. They can interact like an iPad with it. It has the capacity to combine the windows and iPad together. The user has to create the account, download a server on the windows, and install an app of iPad.

Wireless remote mouse

It is an app for iPad as well as an iPhone created by Benzel. It is designed for interaction with the windows and Mac linked to the similar wireless network. There is a need to install a server on windows that is a wireless remote mouse for the work on the iPhone and iPad remotely.

Unified remote

The user must use a device that is Android for having control of windows linked to the similar wireless network. It possesses a various custom made interactions for a variety of programs. There must be an installed unified server on your PC.

Drawing or Desktop Capture Devices

Mimio Teach only has software that can capture the entries of the pen. Some devices help the teachers in annotating and drawing on the window's screen. They feel like they are working on an interactive whiteboard. These devices are Epson interactive and smooth board.

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