Smart, savvy and next gen! Yes we are talking about  Interactive Whiteboards ability to turn your boring workspace into an interactive and fun place to work in. The revolutionary idea integrates software and hardware in one platform making it easy for anyone to present an idea or teach a large class. The board allows you to interact via touch, or uses a smart board as input to make complex shapes which would otherwise take time to render on a regular computer.

Interactive whiteboards combine multiple software tools to help the user virtually collaborate with the screen in a very intuitive way, the same way we learnt using a normal blackboard. This intuitiveness of use makes the normal user feel comfortable and confident when exhibiting a presentation or idea. The whiteboard uses the same features as a blackboard in order to interact with the screen, for instance using a pen enables you to write or draw and the eraser button helps erase whatever the user touches. The interactive whiteboards are revolutionary and mandatory tool kit in today’s digital age, children and professionals are being exposed to better ways of interacting with the world, and it’s only fair that we expose them to the better things in life. The Interactive whiteboards are a state of the art innovative collaborative solution for your office, classroom or meeting room, making things more exhilarating than your average work space!