The world is progressing at a rapid pace with the advent of novel technologies, which have made sharing of information, ideas, and concepts much convenient. One of the most prominent technologies among these is the interactive touchscreen whiteboard, which facilitates people in various walks of life ranging from business settings, construction projects, public places, as well as educational institutions. Touchscreen whiteboards are a reformed version of traditional whiteboards with built-in multi-touch sensing technology and several distinct attributes, which take interactivity to the next level. Instilled with advanced software, high definition resolution image, quick response speed, and large sized LCD screen; Touchscreen whiteboard provides users with the significant outcome of any task.  

Interesting Aspects of Touchscreen Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboard LCD screens are enabling people in various fields to interact and share facts among a large audience. Touchscreen whiteboards have countless applications and are more advantageous compared to previously used projectors given their multi-tasking feature. These enable easy conversion from electronic whiteboard activities to the high-definition screening of video contents and imageries.

Moreover, presenters can easily switch back to the traditional form with the help of dry-erasing technique and multi-touch capabilities of the Touchscreen whiteboards. Interactive Whiteboards LCD Screen comprises of such electronic whiteboards, which can operate as a standalone for data display or it may connect with other electronic devices such as a laptop, tablet, or a projector. Interactive whiteboard LCD screens employ both magnetic pen and infrared technology. You can retrieve information quickly by browsing the web and personally suited data using touchscreen whiteboards.

Technologies Utilized in Touchscreen Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboard LCD Screens make of use of various sensing technologies, which categorize these into different types. A Touchscreen Whiteboard has two sheets separated by a thin air gap and coated over with a resistive material are termed as resistive touchscreens. Then, there are active and passive electromagnetic whiteboards. The difference that occurs in these two electronic whiteboards is that magnetic sensors are inside the board in active electromagnetic boards while in the passive one, the sensing technology is in the pen instead of in the board. With the help of electromagnetic coil in the pen, it is able to detect its precise location on the touchscreen whiteboard and can transfer signals to the computer.

In case of capacitive touchscreens, an array of wires is behind the board while optical touchscreen whiteboards make use of infrared laser beams that reflect across electronic whiteboard surface. In this case, reflectors located on the pen reflect laser beam back to the source and its position is then accurately determined.

As the public is becoming more familiar with the immense usefulness of touchscreen whiteboards, manufacturers have started online marketing of their products with the help of online electronic stores. Among such websites, Electronic Whiteboards Warehouse is one of the leading websites acting as a sturdy platform for supplier-customer interaction. It caters to the users’ demands by providing efficient customer care in terms of cost effective sale offers and 24-hour active customer support services.