A smart board and portable document camera can work together for effective lessons and classroom learning. The smart board is the most useful piece of instructional technology since the overhead projector. An interactive whiteboard enhances the way you train, teach, meet, and present. We can use it in combination with a projector or LCD for operating all the functions on the computer.

A Smart Board is Intelligent

The smart board can automatically recognize the color of dry erase pen that you are using. It will not ask you to press buttons or use specific buttons. The moment you pick a pen out of its tray, its board automatically corrects its color. The surface of the board performs an excellent job to act as an interactive screen for an LCD projector. We can easily see the image from the projector in a well-lit room. We can also type text on the screen with the use of a virtual onscreen keyboard.

Document Camera

Portable Document Camera and Smart Board

Some teachers prefer to work with smart Board but after watching the demonstration of portable document camera they want to get that as well. Some of them think that interactive white boards and Portable document camera are two different devices that are used for exclusive and diverse functions. No, doubt, interactive white boards, and document cameras work differently but that does not mean they should exist discretely.

A portable document camera is handy in the classroom for bringing a live video stream or a recorded video clip into the interactive white board software. This document camera should be capable enough to fix with an interactive whiteboard and work with its software. It is functioned with a USB cable by the document camera. These document cameras can connect naturally to a computer, as interactive whiteboards do as well as the images of the camera can easily integrate with the Interactive white board software.

Interactive White Board Software

A portable document camera is familiar with the interactive white board software. Normally, traditional document cameras cannot connect to a computer or interactive whiteboard. That is because their design enables them to display directly to a projector via VGA and HDMI output. Most of them do not have a USB output. These traditional cameras have USB connectors, which have slow transfer rates.

It makes the live video very slow and useful only when we connect it to a computer except for displaying captured, still images. A portable document camera provides the highest resolution as well as the highest video frame rate of other document cameras to a computer. It is ideal to use with the interactive whiteboard. It is very easy to set connections with it. There is no need to search for extra power outlets. Traditional document cameras always need an external power adapter.

The moment it is connected to a computer, it is ready to use to capture a snap shop, record a video, scan a document, stream live video, and can perform all the functions in the interactive white board software. The interactive whiteboard and portable document camera can work nicely together.