Interactive whiteboards have changed the way we envisioned collaborative learning. With intuitive design and ease of touch displays, interactive whiteboards are readily being replaced by the traditional whiteboards. Hitachi offers the best of the interactive whiteboards available to users at great price savings and bucket load of features. The Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1 interactive whiteboard is a huge 79” finger touch sensitive touch display with an infrared ray shading detection system. It features an electronic free, low gloss surface that makes display clear, vibrant and easy going on the eyes. The StarBoard FX-79E1 is made of high density polyester with a steel surface that offers great durability for classrooms. The FX-79E1 packs flexible collaborative learning aids along with StarBoard software suite that allows for a user friendly interface. This virtual whiteboard contains 16 function buttons of which 14 can be easily customized as per user needs. Furthermore, Hitachi incorporates its touch display with multi touch gestures and commands that allow easy control of the screen as well as the content displayed. From import and export of content through online web sharing, email or cloud storage to image and content editing, the FX-79E1 builds greater user interactivity. Users can add notes, import data with multiple file formats, access the internet, connect to printers and work with Microsoft office tools, PDF viewers, media players and much more.

The FX-79E1 also packs a collaborative remote conferencing feature that allows lessons and presentations to be easily portrayed into dynamic content that enhances teaching and business sessions. It is both PC and Mac compatible with a USB 1.1/2.0 along with full support of all Windows editions and Macintosh OS. Hitachi also offers a 3 year warranty on this interactive whiteboard along with a wall mount, stylus pen, USB cables and StarBoard guides and software suites. Hitachi has thus made learning innovative with the StarBoard FX-79E1 making it easily available at affordable prices.