Interactive displays are making their place in every field. We cannot ignore the presence of interactive displays in the offices, schools, colleges, universities, and everywhere we need to interact with the people. Schools are also using interactive displays for engaging the students. A research about the use of technology established the fact that the use of collaborative technology and learning in the group can give the society more successful students. They will appear as a confident and brilliant member of the society. They will be able to work as a team and would be great problem solvers. They would be creative, active, and responsible citizens.

Neil Gaydon, the CEO of Smart technologies states, "The study highlighted the teachers as unrecognized heroes who are behind the success of improved students when the use of technology is there in the environments of collaborative learning.”

Benefits of Interactive Displays

Let us have a look at the benefits of interactive displays in the classroom.

Teaching with the Interactive Displays Enhance Social Learning

The use of interactive displays in the group activities of the classrooms helps in developing the social and emotional skills among students. They will interact with each other and will try to understand each other. This habit will be there with them when they move in the society. In the class discussions, students also participate confidently. They will not be afraid or shy because they know how to interact with the others. This will give good leaders to the nation who will be emotionally and socially strong.

A study declared that "The development of social as well as emotional skills selected as a part of the study. It is necessary to develop communication skills among students for giving good businessmen and political leaders to the society.”

Teaching with the Interactive Displays Promote Teamwork

The use of interactive displays like smart boards in the classroom encourages the students to work as a team. In this way, students can participate confidently in the surveys, cross-examinations, and games. They will learn to work collectively instead of individually. They will learn to solve each other’s problems in the class. They will learn new things from each other. The use of webcam with the smart board is also another way to teach students through a video with the lectures of experts. The students will interact with the experts; they will get familiar with the intellectuals and get inspiration from them.

Interactive Displays are Long Lasting

Interactive displays are long lasting and less expensive than the whiteboards. This one time investment would be a long-term investment. There is no need to go for their maintenance repeatedly. The students also love to learn with these displays. The students feel more comfortable while using the smart board or touch screens etc. We can say these interactive displays are user-friendly. Teachers also love to work with these displays. This likeness of the interactive displays between the students and teachers indicates that they will remain an integral part of classrooms in future as well.

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