The interactive white board is the latest teaching tool loved by the teachers all around the world. Whether it is a kindergarten school, high school or a university, educators love to use white boards for teaching their students in an interactive way. Students learn quickly through collaborative activities. Promethean ActivInspire software works with the white boards. Promethean ActivInspire is an award winner that allows the teachers to download it and use for their any type of Interactive White board to give interactive and collaborative lectures to their students. It has a variety of tools that allow the teachers to deliver their lectures in a new and interactive way to engage students for a longer duration and keep them hooked throughout the lecture.

Features of Promethean ActivInspire

Promethean ActivInspire is an ActivInspire edition of Interactive White board software. You can buy this for any interactive white board. You can also download it at no cost. It interchanges between the primary school version and second level version. It is handy in a sense that it allows you to import Smart notebook files and allows you to use them. It can integrate with other products of Promethean like the activeExpressions and the slate. It has better navigation and scripting abilities. It has games, graphics, and videos and some built in tools. Promethean ActivInspire has multiple unique features that attract the users to buy this interactive device. Working of its Magic Ink is truly magical.

Promethean ActiveInspire Used by the Teachers

Promethean ActivInspire helps the teachers in many ways that are appreciable and praise worthy. It helps teachers in giving lectures to the students. Promethean ActivInspire gives the life to the student’s activities in class rooms. It gives an interactive display of the things. It improves the learning process of students because of its abilities to create an interactive environment and keeping the audience hooked to it. It helps to blend real world experience and real time assessment into the learning procedure of students. Promethean ActivInspire has the ability to show activities in a powerful way that grab the attention of the students for a longer duration.

Promethean ActivInspire is an interactive toll for the collaborative learning process. People love this device in the education sector around the world because of its collaborative and interactive abilities. It is a collaborative presentation delivery software, which gives an amazing and interactive display of information. Promethean ActivInspire delivers energetic and dynamic lessons with the help of the suite of tools. Users can use Promethean ActivInspire’s range of tools, activities, and images to bring a completely new life to their lessons by making them interactive and communicative in a better way.

It allows users, particularly students to work together in a collaborative environment. Promethean ActivInspire has dual user and multiple touch features for interactive display. Full suite of amazing teaching tools allows educators to engage their students on every instructional level. Promethean ActivInspire comes with the advantage of enhancing classroom’s teaching technologies. It provides a stable platform for giving instructions, engaging students and inspiring learning for the future. ActivInspire is compatible with all the operating systems and works well with all of them.

Continuously, new enhancement in the features is improving ActivInspire. This aims to provide the educators with better options that are appropriate for their teaching styles and teaching environment.