Monthly Archives: March 2017

  1. How Interactive Touchscreens have revolutionized the way we collaborate

    Interactive touchscreens were the ones that enabled people from different places to get connected via a single platform, interact with each other in real time, share ideas, and give feedback; all of this just as they were all sitting in a meeting room. In conference rooms, people can gather around an interactive touchscreen panel to brainstorm ideas. They can all work on the touchscreen at the same time, adding to whatever it already displays and discussing it. They can also open media files and annotate over them, enhancing their own expression and quality of communication.
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  2. Interactive Ultra-Short Throw Projectors

    Today’s offices or classrooms requires that the audience be completely involved in the lecture being delivered but in the current time lack of interactivity might make this impossible, therefore interactive ultra-short throw projector make use of the user’s gestures or some other control mechanism to quickly and in real time make changes to the ongoing lecture or presentation. Also with its ability to interact with the screen, the user can easily play videos or go to the internet for anything of their liking.

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