OneScreen Wall W1 Video Wall Display

OneScreen Wall W1 Video Wall Display

Sharp PN-V602 Video Wall Display

Sharp PN-V602 Video Wall Display

Barco UniSee Video Wall Display

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55" Display size, Full HD (1920 x 1080), Bezel-less design, Automatic alignment and Mounting structure, Sense X real-time calibration, Cost-effective, and faster repairing.

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  • Bezel-less design with NoGap technology
  • Mounting structure with automatic alignment
  • Sense X real-time and continuous calibration
  • Fastest servicing and diagnosing
  • Modular, future-proof platform


Barco without exception take the LCD video wall display to next level with the award winning UniSee video wall. The Barco UniSee has proven to be the best LCD video wall display, aimed to overcome the existing flaws in conventional LCD video walls that were difficult to install and operate. The amazing HD (1920x1080) resolution picture quality and bezel-less technology offer a seamless captivating experience. Plus, the state-of-the-art design makes installation and maintenance an effortless job.

Bezel-less design and innovative mounting system:

The UniSee incorporates Barco’s cutting-edge technology UniSee Mount. This innovative mounting structure automatically aligns panels with the power of gravity by keeping a safe and minimum inter-tile gap. The NoGap technology integrated in Barco UniSee, allows you to view content over the tiled display without any interruption caused by the bezels, providing excellent picture quality and the ease to setup.

Automatic real-time Calibration:

Barco UniSee has the automatic real-time calibration system, the Sense X, which keeps a unified color and brightness level in all the panels. So if you undock a panel from the display and put it back, the UniSee will adjust color and brightness level automatically without any effort.

Cost-effective and faster repairing:

Barco Unisee is built with a structure that can easily be repaired on the spot. The redundant power supply automatically adjusts itself in case of any power failures. The intelligent software UniSee Connect automatically manages the allocation and calibration of the panels. Since, video walls have critical applications, Barco UniSee is designed to ensure lowest possible maintenance and maximum uptime.

Basic Attributes
Product NameBarco UniSee Video Wall Display
Warranty3 years
Dimensions (H'' x W'' x D'')47.8" x 26.9" x 3.74"
Network ConnectivityLAN
Power Requirements100W
Operating SytemNo
CategoryLCD Video Wall
Connectivity2 Ethernet Ports
Response Time< 8.5 ms
Contrast Ratio4000:1 (TYPICAL)
Country of OriginBelgium
Display Technology LCD Direct LED
Aspect Ratio16:9
Brightness (cd/m2)800 cd/m2 (TYPICAL)
ResolutionFull HD (1920 x 1080)
Pixel Pitch0.63
Diagonal Size (Inches)55
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Name Barco UniSee Video Wall Display
Active screen diagonal 55”
LCD technology PVA
Screen Haze 44%
Resolution Full HD (1920x1080)
Backlight Direct LED
Aspect Ratio  16:9
Luminance 800 cd/m2 (typ.)
Contrast 4000:1 (typ.)
White point 10,500 K
Calibration Sense X automatic color and brightness calibration
Backlight lifetime 100,000 h (typ)
Cooling Fanless
Operating temperature 10°C - 40°C
Operational humidity Min. 20% | Max. 70% for T < =30°C or 115%-(1.5% x T/°C) for T=30°C to 40°C (non-condensing)
Response time <8.5 ms
Storage temperature -20°C - 60°C
Storage humidity 10 - 90% non-condensing
Uniformity 9 points: 98% | 13 points: 97.7% | 21 points: 95.3%
Dimensions 1213.5 x 683 x 102.4 mm | 47.8" x 26.9" x 4.03" (internal SMPS), 1213.5 x 683 x 94.9 mm | 47.8" x 26.9" x 3.74" (external SMPS)
Active screen area 1212.5 x 682 mm | 47.7" x 26.8"
Weight 15 kg | 33.1 lbs (LCM net) / 17.4 kg | 38.4 lbs (LCD net)
Bezel width NA (bezel-less)
DisplayPort 2 inputs
HDMI 2 inputs/1 output
USB 2 (only for power)
Ethernet port 2
Power consumption Int. power supply, Ext. power supply 800 nit 190 W 175 W 700 nit 170 W 157 W 350 nit 100 W 92 W
Heat dissipation 800 nit 650 BTU/h 600 BTU/h 700 nit 580 BTU/h 536 BTU/h 350 nit 342 BTU/h 314 BTU/h EMC Class A

Barco UniSee Video Wall Display

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    Q. What is a LCD video wall?

    A. video wall LCD consists of multiple displays tiled together to form a single large display. These LCDs have narrow bezels in order to eliminate the gaps. However, there are several reasons for using a video wall instead of a single large display; it saves cost, provides better pixel density and let you customize the outlines.


    Q. What is an IPS LCD panel?

    A. IPS (in-plane switching) technology is an upgraded version of TFT LCDs. The IPS LCDs have better response times and larger viewing angles. Also, the quality of colors, sharpness and brightness is way much better than the old TFT LCDs.


    Q. Where can I use the Barco UniSee LCD video wall display?

    A. You can use the Barco UniSee LCD video wall display in number of industries for numerous purposes such as advertising, billboards, In transportation industry for providing information, control rooms for security purposes, restaurants and stock exchange etc.


    Q. What is a video wall controller?

    A. video wall controller is a main board processor that controls the content sources over LCD video wall display.


    Q. If I want to show multiple content on the Barco’s video wall display can I do that with a single video wall controller?

    A. Yes, you can show multiple content on the Barco UniSee LCD video wall display using a single video wall controller. Barco also have several video wall controllers with integrated high performance PCs such as TransForm ECU-200.


    Q. Does the Barco UniSee LCD video wall display comes with warranty?

    A. Yes, the UniSee 55” LCD comes with a warranty of 36 months.

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