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Wacom DTK-2241 Interactive Pen Display

Wacom DTK-2241 is a paperless intuitive digital communication and presentation pen display that provides efficient workflow to the customer that have to face or carry business transactions. Largely, the DTK-2241 is used to register electronic signatures in case of terms of service contracts and agreements. The Wacom unit gives a complete control to the business owner over the records and allows tracking the wok efficiencies. It further gives a cost saving benefit by reducing the dependency on paper.

This business device is impressive looking and has 21.5" large LCD pen display delivering high resolution and wide viewing angle which facilitates a user to work on a bigger screen. The wide image showing ability gives this unit an edge over the others and is considered to be the most trusted among hospitals, insurance and health corporations where there is an intense need to deliver complex information to the patients. Wacom DTK-2241 pen display also helps general physicians and dentists to annotate and draw directly on patient x-rays and charts to improve their medical practice process. With greater workflow capabilities the Wacom DTK-2241 can also fulfil the requirements of educational institutions by providing educators and opportunity to present actively with more effective, engaging and dynamic content as compare to static substance. Wacom DTK-2241 features anti glare characteristic and is fully scratch resistant to ensure non-stop operation under extreme and highly demanding situations. To save valuable time DTK-2241 has been programmed to set five customizable ExpressKeys to offer easy access to the frequently and commonly used functions. The featured interactive pen allows to draft sketches and charts, write comments or to sign documents expressing a lively and in large a more collaborative experience. The intuitive pen also has two tiny switches to gives user more control over the customization tools and for faster workflow. The integrated pen technology is quite sensitive with 1024 pressure levels to ensure superior flare for writing and drawing with extremely lasting touch pen. Loss preventative is well taken care by the Wacom engineers and have deigned an extra compartment so that a pen can be tethered to the pen display.

DTK-2241 is fully equipped with modern day connectivity features which includes in built DVI-I pass-thru connector to facilitate a user to mirror pen display to a projector or any other 3rd party display. Additionally, it also has two USB ports for connecting external devices such as USB storage drives and other gadgets. The most important of all is DTK-2241's adjustable nature with help of the incorporated stand that lets a user to incline the display accordingly between 15 to 72 degrees angle. With so much to offer Wacom DTK-2241 can easily become a useful part of any business with extreme paperless workflow qualities under highly competitive surroundings.

Wacom DTK-2241 Interactive Pen Display
Wacom DTK-2241 Interactive Pen Display
Wacom DTK-2241 Interactive Pen Display
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  • 21.5" pen display with High definition 1920 x 1080p resolution and extreme wide viewing angles.
  • Battery free and wireless interactive pen with two small side switches programmed with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.
  • ExpressKeys feature that allows fixing 5 shortcuts to access common functions or tools.
  • Incorporated USB hub with two USB ports to give simple and convenient access to other USB devices.
  • Internal scaler programmed to take video input in various resolutions and display them in their native resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Included in built DVI-I pass-thru connector handles either digital or analogue input and allows mirroring directly from the pen display to a projector or another display.
  • HDCP compliant
  • Anti-glare surface.
  • Flexible stand that allows for 15 to 72 degrees of incline.
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  • Wacom DTK-2241 pen display.
  • Flexible stand.
  • Interactive Pen.
  • AC power adapter (universal).
  • DVI-DVI and DVI-VGA video cables.
  • USB data transfer cable.
  • CD with driver software and user instructional manual.
  • Pen holder attachment.
  • Pen tether.
  • Quick start instructional guide.
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Model DTK-2241
Screen Size 21.5" diagonal
Active Area 18.78" x 10.56" (477.0mm x 268.2mm)
Data Port USB
Video Supports Digital and Analogue
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080 p
Physical Size 22.3" w x 15.2"h x 2.2"d (566.0mm x 385.0mm x 55.5mm)
Pressure Levels 1024
ExpressKeys 5 user-assignable
Stand Adjustability 15 - 72 incline
Documents & Resources
Wacom DTK-2241 Interactive Pen Display Wacom DTK-2241 User Manual
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