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Intuos4 Wireless Pen Tablet

Intuos4 Wireless Pen Tablet is a Bluetooth enabled tablet that connects with computers that are Bluetooth enabled or have external Bluetooth USB adapters. It is perfect for photo editing, design and art creation. Bluetooth connection gives you the advantage to work from 33 feet away; without losing signal strength. The Intuos4 Wireless Pen Tablet features eight customizable ExpressKeys that have illuminated displays so that you can select the assigned function easily, a finger-sensitive Touch Ring that controls up to four different functions per application, and a precision mode toggle display.
You can use the Intuos4 grip pen to write and navigate on the Intuos4 Wireless Pen Tablet.
The pen comes with a new tip sensor technology that delivers precise pressure control, a 2048 pressure level, and it charges through USB. The Intuos4 Wireless Pen Tablet gives a natural pen-on-paper sensation, and is ideal for animators who want more creative control.
Wacom Intuos4 Wireless Professional Pen Tablet - Medium
Intuos4 Wireless Pen Tablet
Wacom Intuos4 Wireless Professional Pen Tablet - Medium
Condition: New
Availability: Discontinued
Shipping: Usually ships in 5-7 business days
Warranty: 2 Years

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  • Bluetooth enabled pen driven tablet.
  • Perfect for animators to edit photos, create and design art.
  • Medium size active area gives you more space to work with.
  • With soft grip pen for navigation.
  • Connects with USB cable; wireless option available for cable free connection.
  • The intuos4 tablet has 8 x 5 inches active area which provides enough space for exploring creativity.
  • With tip sensor technology and 2048 levels pressure sensitivity, it captures even little nuances and provides complete control over the pen strokes.
  • The high pressure sensitivity also allows for accurate adjustment of exposure, brush size, opacity and other features.
  • Designed ergonomically, it lets you maximize your productivity without any discomfort.
  • With eight ExpressKeys and finger sensitive touch ring, it saves a lot of time by providing quick access to the required functions.
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  • Bluetooth Connectivity
    If you’re tired of cable connections, you can connect it cable free with your computer. The Bluetooth connectivity gives you the advantage to work comfortably at a position that makes you more productive.
  • Natural Sensation
    When you work on the Wacom Intuos4, you’ll feel as if you’re working with traditional brushes, pens, and markers. This will give you a natural sensation, and make you more creative.
  • High Sensitivity
    The Wacom Intuos4 incorporates tip sensor technology which along with 2048 pressure senstitivty captures even smallest pen stroke with high level of accuracy. It gives you more control over pen strokes and facilitates in creating perfect drawings with intricate details.
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Model PTK540WL
Active Area 8.0" x 5.0"
Advanced Pen Tip Sensor Yes
Application-Specific Settings Yes
Color Black
Compatibility Mac and PC
Connection Bluetooth, USB for charging
Display Toggle Yes
Express Keys 8
Finger Sensitive Input User-defined Touch Ring controls up to four functions
Mouse Included No
Physical Size 14.3" x 10" x 0.6"
Pressure Levels 2048
Tilt Sensitivity ±60 Degrees
Warranty 2-years
Weight 2.2 lb. with battery

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Wacom Intuos4 Wireless Professional Pen Tablet - Medium
Wacom Intuos4 PTK-540-WL Wireless Table User Manual

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