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VDO360 PTZ Video Conferencing Camera

VDO360 PTZ video conferencing Camera is a perfect low cost camera with included Infra-Red remote with an extensive range of 7 meters, it is controllable with multi PTZ features all around the room from any angle by anyone. VDO360 PTZ video conferencing camera is capable to zoom in to a maximum range of 12x which allow it to focus on any object or a live human accurately, whether sitting far from the camera lens and makes it desirable for conference and training room meetings with a large audience or participants. VDO360 PTZ can be wonder to use as a web-camera, for webinars and video conference sessions. Moreover, VDO 360 PTZ camera has a USB microphone to give life to your video conferences and webinars.

VDO360 PTZ has a adaptive brightness adjustment feature to view ultra bright pictures even when used in a ambient light room. The HD VDO360 PTZ camera comes with a surface platform to mount it over the top of any flat screen tv. Significantly, the camera has been engineered to deliver sharp and amazing HD plug-and-play visuals with extended possibility of connectivity options, the USB port allows you to connect the VDO360 PTZ with the any PC or MAC. Simply, it is an incredible video conferencing camera with easy use and deploy characteristic.

VDO360 PTZ is not limited at all. The camera is suitable to use with any video conferencing software applications, here are the few famous ones you all must be familiar with like Skype, GoToMeeting,Cisco Jabber, Hangout, WebEX, Vidyo, Nefsis and many other as well.

VDO360 PTZ Video Conferencing Camera
VDO360 PTZ Video Conferencing Camera
VDO360 PTZ Video Conferencing Camera
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Features & Benefits
  • CMOS low light - Auto brightness adjustment.
  • 1920X1080 format for HD results.
  • USB 2.0 digital display with auto driver installation.
  • Less usage of CPU.
  • FPF image control mode.
  • Manual fine tuning with remote.
  • Amazing view as compare to other similar products.
  • Supports not on only Linux and Android but also Mac iOS.
  • Infra-Red operative remote control, covers distance up to 7 meters effectively.
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Model (Family) VDO360 PTZ
Lens Low-light CMOS
Lens area 1 /2 7" (inch)
Effective pixels 1920x1080 pixels
Zoom 12x zoom lens
Focal length 4.0 ~ 48.0 mm
Lens angle Maximum 43 °, minimum 7 °
Video format MJPG / 1080p / 720P / 1280x720 / 640x480 / 848x480 / 800x600 / VGA / CIF / QCIF
Pan 300 ° left - right
Tilt 90 °
Operating voltage 12 Volt external DC
Operating Current 800mA mechanical PTZ
Video unit 110mA
Dimensions 90 W x 110 L x 105 H
PC Support Linux, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7 (32 and 64bit) as well as MAC operating system
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