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The industry is evolving with time and when codec required an engineer to keep it running to the ubiquitous video of today's world. The video conferencing camera at The VDO 360 has the engine to keep these solutions working. The time VDO 360 was being developed the company thought of being an all rounder supplier of everything VTC. The VDO 360 had an admirable goal that one day they would find the key piece of equipment that will change the way they collaborate. The key piece at the least is the experience and the computer. The VDO 360 have developed the best in class camera to capture the video, worked with Intel on the best in class computer giving you high definition video and found the best in class microphone to capture the audio and put together a great package to maximize value.

Video Conferencing Camera


VDO360 PTZ Video Conferencing Camera

VDO360 PTZ Video Conferencing Camera

  • CMOS low light - Auto brightness adjustment.
  • 1920X1080 format for HD results.
  • USB 2.0 digital display with auto driver installation.
  • Less usage of CPU.
  • FPF image control mode.
  • Manual fine tuning with remote.
  • Amazing view as compare to other similar products.
  • Supports not on only Linux and Android but also Mac iOS.
  • Infra-Red operative remote control, covers distance up to 7 meters effectively.
  • Support serial control RS 232.
  • Easily adjustable tripod bracket with screw holes.
List Price: $1,609
Our Price: $1,399
You Save: 13%

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