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TeamBoard TMWM6250CL Interactive Whiteboard

TeamBoard TMWM6250CL Interactive Whiteboard is a 77-inch touch sensitive board with a dry erase and projection surface. You can write with dry erase markers on its surface without damaging it. A projector can be used to project images on it. The award winning EVS projection surface reduces the glare from the board’s surface, and makes it easy to view the projected images.

TeamBoard TMWM6250CL features an interactive mode which allows it to run different applications. Applications like Microsoft Office, AutoCad, web browser, and third party software based on the Windows and Mac platform can be opened.  This helps in making the lessons more enjoyable. The TeamBoard TMWM6250CL comes with the Eagen PowerX software and TeamBoard Suite.  Eagen PowerX is specially made to be used with Microsoft PowerPoint, whereas the TeamBoard Suite includes the draw, annotate, and capture capabilities.

TeamBoard TMWM6250CL Interactive Whiteboard is a simple to install board. It includes the installation kit. First the Aluminum track is installed, than the board is mounted over it. The board also includes a detachable controller that allows easy upgrade or replacement. You wouldn’t have to wait for a technician to come or send in the board to be repaired, just replace the controller and you’re good to go.

**Requires computer and projector to operate.

TeamBoard TMWM6250CL Interactive Whiteboard
TeamBoard TMWM6250CL Interactive Whiteboard (50"H x 62"W)
Charcoal Frame Finish
TeamBoard TMWM6250CL Interactive Whiteboard
Condition: New
Availability: Discontinued
Shipping: Usually ships within 2-3 business days
Warranty: Five year limited warranty.

When purchasing please specify USB or serial connection and computer operating system in special instructions
Installation Services
Product Description Price Order
Services Electronic Whiteboard Installation $495

Supplies and accessories for this product:
Product Description Price Order
ACDZTB TeamBoard Markers: package of 12, two of each color. (Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple &Brown) $30

EVEC12 EganCloth 12-pack: (16" x 12") x 12 $50

EVEC24 EganCloth 24-pack: (16" x 12") x 24 $75

ACDZSTYLUS TeamBoard Stylus: Package of 12 $39

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Presentation Solutions
Teamboard TMWM6250CL electronic whiteboard durring presentation Electronic Whiteboard Mode

Whiteboard mode captures everything that is written or drawn on the TeamBoard to a digital file. This data can be printed, shard electronically, and saved for later use. Designed for true ease of use, TeamBoard 'Whiteboard Mode', begins to capture what you draw the instant your pen touches the drawing surface. TeamBoard Suite provides easy-to-use tools that assist in content preparation and lesson development.
Teamboard TMWM6250CL interactive whiteboard Interactive Touch screen Mode

In 'Interactive Mode', TeamBoard Suite turns on the real power of computer-based presenting and training. The latest software includes all the powerful features you need, in an incredibly simplified format. Drive Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Project, AutoCad, a web browser - virtually any application - with a simple touch of your finger.
  • TeamBoard's exclusive guaranteed-to-clean, low glare surface is excellent for use with both dry erase markers and data projectors.
  • A single standard cable connects the Serial or USB TeamBoard to a computer - wiring can be easily hidden in the wall or ceiling.
  • One-touch ActionBar controls: Start/stop PowerPoint Show, pen color, eraser/erase area, next/previous screen, selection pointer, navigation menu, new page/insert page, print, screen capture, hide slide, dashboard access.
  • There is no specialized equipment, i.e. special pens or gadgets. Most TeamBoard accessories are standard office supplies.
  • TeamBoard Track Mount combines the space-saving advantages of wall mounting, with the flexibility of 'anywhere-on-the-track' positioning.
  • TeamBoard Wall Mount offers maximum utility in a rugged anodized aluminum or custom color frame for simple mounting - installs in seconds directly to your wall.
  • TeamBoard Mobile is ideal where multiple location use is the norm or where wall mounting is not practical.
  • All components come with an exceptional 5-year warranty, including the writing surface
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Surface material:
Touch-sensitive, dry erase, low glare, projection-optimized surface
Power Requirements:
for Serial Controllers only
Input Voltage: 100-240 Vac
Input Frequency: 47 - 63Hz 0.4A
Output Voltage: 98Vdc
Output Current: 200 mA
Serial Controller: COM Ports (9 pin Serial Port)
USB Controller: USB Port
Computer Requirements:
Microsoft Windows ® :
  • Windows 95/98, NT
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Hard Drive Free Space: 90MB
  • CPU: Any Pentium
  • CD-Rom Drive: Required
  • Windows ME
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Hard Drive Free Space: 90MB
  • CPU: Pentium 150
  • CD-Rom Drive: Required
  • Windows 2000
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Hard Drive Free Space:90MB
  • CPU: Pentium 133
  • CD-Rom Drive: Required
  • Windows XP
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Hard Drive Free Space: 90MB
  • CPU: Pentium 233
  • CD-Rom Drive: Required
Apple Macintosh ® :
  • Mac OS-X 10.2
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Hard Drive Free Space: 90MB
  • CPU: Pentium 233
  • CD-Rom Drive: Required
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Documents & Demos
TeamBoard TMWM6250CL Interactive Whiteboard with stand
Teamboard demo video
Teamboard brochure
user guide (windows)
reference guide (windows)
quick start guide (windows)
readme notice (windows)
user guide (mac)
quick start guide (mac)
readme notice (mac)

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