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Teamboard TMWM5442 Interactive Whiteboard

Teamboard TMWM5442 interactive whiteboard comes with a 54”w x 42”h active area surface and is useful for professionals who need to carry various business meetings and live discussions on daily basis. It supports an RT technology which enables the user to interact with the board using a finger tip instead of a pen or a stylus.

The TMWM5442 interactive whiteboard also comes with an EVS (Egan Visual Surfacing) technology which provides you with a surface which is smooth and non porous and can be cleared effortlessly. In addition, by using the built-in Egan Power X software application, the user can display Power Point presentations by using Teamboard TMWM5442 interactive whiteboard as a presentation tool. Also its software suite supports applications like draw, annotate, notebook, capture etc including the applications of MS Paint and Net Meeting. The Teamboard TMWM5442 interactive whiteboard provides a virtual action bar with a variety of functions like Start/Stop Power Point Show, pen color, navigation menu, new page/insert page, print etc. It connects to computer with a single network (WS option) or USB cable. Teamboard TMWM5442 interactive whiteboard can also be connected to windows operating system or Macintosh for a more diverse performance.

Teamboard TMWM5442 interactive whiteboard
Teamboard TMWM5442 Interactive Whiteboard
Teamboard TMWM5442 interactive whiteboard
Condition: New
Availability: Discontinued
Shipping: Usually ships within 2-3 business days

Installation Services
Product Description Price Order
Services Electronic Whiteboard Installation $495

  • Interactive whiteboard with active area surface of (wxh) (54”x42”)
  • Use of finger tip with RT technology
  • EVS ( Egan Visual Surfacing) technology for smooth and non porous surface
  • Display Power Point presentation with Egan Power X software
  • Features software suite supporting multiple applications
  • Virtual action bar for accessing various functions
  • Connection with computer through a single network or USB cable
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Dimensions 54"w x 42"h
Color Aluminum or Charcoal
Input Voltage 100 - 240 Vac
Input Frequency 47 – 63Hz 0.4A
Output Voltage 9 Vdc
Output Current 200 mA
System Requirements
Controller COM Port: 2 COM Ports (9 Pin Serial Ports)
USB Controller: 2 USB Ports
Windows 95,98, NT RAM : 128MB
Hard Drive Space : 50MB
CPU : Any Pentium
CR-ROM : Required
Windows ME RAM : 128MB
Hard Drive Space : 50MB
CPU : Pentium 150
CR-ROM : Required
Windows 2000 RAM : 128MB
Hard Drive Space : 50MB
CPU : Pentium 133
CR-ROM : Required
Windows XP RAM : 128MB
Hard Drive Space : 50MB
CPU : Pentium 233
CR-ROM : Required
Macintosh OS-10.2 RAM : 128MB
Hard Drive Space : 14MB
CPU : G3 or faster
CR-ROM : Required
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Teamboard TMWM5442 interactive whiteboard
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