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RM Easiteach Next Generation (For 1 Computer)

Easiteach Next Generation is the latest release of the award winning interactive Easiteach software. It's a complete teaching and learning application for the whole class. It gives you the authority to create and deliver engaging lessons and resources. Anyone can create multi-modal activities that includes animation, video, sound, text, Flash files and hyperlinks all on one page. The RM Easiteach Next Generation provides intuitive navigation and easily accessible toolbars and widgets that enable you to easily and quickly create activities specific to certain subjects. It also comes with built-in content packs that are readymade lessons in different subjects, and you can also create your own toolsets. The RM Easiteach Next Generation can be used in an interactive whiteboard, slate, and even a projector. It makes it easy for you to create interactive lessons that will captivate everyone.

RM Easiteach Next Generation (For 1 Computer)
RM Easiteach Next Generation (For 1 Computer)
RM Easiteach Next Generation (For 1 Computer)
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  • RM Easiteach is rapidly becoming the default software application for interactive classroom use because:
    • It has been designed specifically for education and whole-class teaching
    • You can use it throughout your school and across the curriculum
    • It engages and inspires students
    • It works on all brands of interactive whiteboards and other interactive technologies
    Designed for Education and Whole-Class Teaching
    • RM Easiteach software has been designed in very close collaboration with teachers and teaching experts
    • RM Easiteach enhances teachers creativity, making it more exciting to teach
    • RM Easiteach brings interactivity and creativity into lessons so even the most reticent of students will want to get involved
    • The breadth and scope of RM Easiteach makes it ideal for developing lateral and literal thinking
    • It is cross-curricula with a family of innovative, flexible teaching tools and adaptable curriculum-focused content
    • The RM Easiteach family is being continually developed: we are adding new toolbars, extra functionality and enhanced content packs all the time
    Why Use RM Easiteach Throughout Your School?
    • Works with all brands and types of interactive whole-class teaching technologies
    • Efficient because you can share, adapt and re-use lesson activities across your District
    • Standardize your whole-class teaching software and so save time and money on teacher training
    • Tools and multimedia resources for use across the curriculum
    • Subject-specific tools available to teach English Language Arts, Math, Science and Geography
    • Ready-made lessons and content available for English Language Arts, Math, and Science, with an educational games pack suitable for use throughout the school
    RM Easiteach Engages and Inspires Students
    • Motivate and enthuse your class by creating exciting and flexible lessons
    • Involve your class by creating interactive resources
    • Create visual and animated models to demonstrate concepts and processes
    • Create resources suitable for a range of different learning styles
    • RM Easiteach engages students allowing teachers to teach faster-paced lessons
    • Memorable screens help students to learn and recall difficult concepts
    • Iinteractive content helps students to stay on task for longer periods
    • The screens can inspire students to continue learning after the lesson
    • Ideal for encouraging effective questioning and group discussion
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  • Multi-language feature allows users to benefit from a wide variety of languages with in just a few clicks.

    Multi-device RM Easiteach supports all interactive whiteboards and other forms of teaching related hardware equipment like classpads, netbooks or voting devices. It ensures consistency for training, teaching and sharing resources and has the ability to import and export RM Easiteach documents like .iwb files which means the user is not restricted by the software.

    Media bank of RM Easiteach contains over 4,500 curriculum-based resources including over 70 videos. It enables users to search and add multimedia assets to a page and is accessible by selecting multimedia button on the menu bar.

    Multi-touch feature supports object manipulation on multi-touch devices. It enables you to enlarge and maneuver objects created with the tips of fingers. This is perfect for presentations and encourages students to interact directly with the interactive whiteboard.

    Sound and video recording feature in the media bank can be used to capture images, record videos and sounds using external hardware like microphones or digital cameras, and can be added directly on to a page and personal media bank.

    Text-to-speech capabilities feature allows you to type letters, words and sentences on to a page and you can listen to them being read back to you. This capability can read both single words and whole blocks of text within a text box. This feature is also available in a variety of languages.

    Handwriting and Shape Recognition feature allows you to write words or draw shapes freehand and the writing and shape recognition tools in RM Easiteach Next Generation will recognize your markings. Images can be drawn and written with mouse on a computer screen or interactive whiteboard pen can be used, and the handwriting and shape recognition tool will transform your markings in typed copy or shaped objects with sharpened edges.

    Widget bank feature accesses a range of mini-applications that bring you a growing bank of added extras such as clock, calculator, periodic table, protractor, dice, picture reveal, random item generator, navigator and much more. The widget bank contains over 40 widgets.

    Easily-accessible toolbars within RM Easiteach Next Generation are designed to make the functionality you want easier to find and aid cross-curricular use. They allow you to work quickly and efficiently in creating whole-class teaching activities to fit with your learning objectives. The most common used tools are found in the main navigation bar at the bottom of the screen with extra functionality available from main navigation.

    Literacy and Language tools are available in a wide variety built-in to RM Easiteach. This will help you to quickly and simply create activities for your whole class. The tools include a cloze tool for creating missing words activities, remove punctuation tool which is ideal for testing punctuation knowledge by removing all punctuation from a block of text and asking your class to put it back in the right place, and word wallet for using alongside the cloze and remove punctuation tools.

    Math tools available with RM Easiteach Next Generation help you to create simple and effective activities and math lessons for the entire class.

    Content packs include a wide range of content for both elementary and secondary classes.
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System Requirements
  • System Requirements - Standalone computers using Windows XP SP3 (32 Bit);
  • Windows Vista (32 or 64 Bit) or Windows 7 (32 or 64 Bit);
  • Mac OS 10.5.8, 10.6.4 (Intel).
  • Processor - Windows: 1.8GHz+;
  • Mac: 2GHz.
  • Memory -Windows: 512 MB;
  • Mac: 1 GB.
  • Storage - 500 MB.
  • Graphics Card - 64 MB.
  • Screen - 1024 x 768.
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