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RM Interactive Whiteboard Classpad

Break free from the front of the classroom with the RM Classpad. Create and deliver engaging lessons with all the interactivity of a whiteboard. The RM Classpad gives you the mobility you want, allowing you to move around the classroom and engage with your students. The stylus features a built-in laser pointer to help students follow the lesson. Use it as a wireless mouse to operate RM Easiteach, and other programs including Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Word®, and your Internet browser.

Maximize your technology investment with RM Easiteach 3.4, included with every RM Classpad, this powerful and flexible lesson platform allows you to create resources that incorporate text, clipart, animations, videos, flash files, sound, hyperlinks, databases and spreadsheets. Included in the starter pack, you receive the standard Easiteach toolbar to be used across the curriculum, allowing to you to manipulate objects in use and edit mode.

RM Interactive Whiteboard Classpad
RM Interactive Whiteboard Classpad
RM Interactive Whiteboard Classpad
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Discontinued & Replaced by

RM ePad

RM ClassPad Bundle Offers
  RM ClassPad with ET(Starter Pack, HWR, All Tools and Primary Content Pk)
Our Price: $567 
  RM ClassPad with ET(Starter Pack, HWR, All Tools and Secondary Content Pk)
Our Price: $1,005 
  RM ClassPad with ET(Starter Pack, HWR, All Tools and Primary Content Pk)
Our Price: $567
  RM ClassPad with ET(Starter Pack, HWR, All Tools and Secondary Content Pk)
Our Price: $1,005
  RM ClassPad with ET(Starter Pack, HWR, All Tools)
Our Price: $362
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Features & Benefits
  • Key Features:

    • RM Classpad is a 2.46G RF wireless data
    • input device that provides writing, drawing, and computer mouse capabilities using a cordless pen
    • RM Classpad communicates with a computer either wireless or via a USB cable
    • Cables included: USB - length 6' (current)
    • standard USB connectors
    • Mini DC adapter with plugs parallel to the length of the adaptor housing
    • CD with SW-drivers
    • AC adaptor connectivity
    • USB port connectivity
    • eNote, HotKey, and dual monitor combo driver
    • Size: 10.25" x 6" x 1.25"
    • Weight: 1 lb. including classpad and pen
    • 2000 lines per inch resolution
    • +/- 0.25 mm accuracy
    • Operating humidity is 20% to 80%
    • Operating temperature is 40°-105°


    • Uses rechargeable Li-ion Battery - up to 20 hrs of life
    • Single On/Off button
    • RM Classpad moves to sleep mode after 15 minutes of non use
    • Press ‘Sleep' button to wake up, or hold ‘Sleep' button for 5 seconds to force into sleep mode
    • Charge via USB connection and via DC in - operation in either mode
    • Hot spots located at the top border
    • 6" x 4.5" digitizer active area
    • 1000 lpi digitizer
    • Tablet Accuracy + / - 0.5 mm
    • Dual monitor mouse capability
    • Battery charge indicators
    • Press synchronization button to pair RM Classpad with base
    • FCC Certified
    • Uses rechargeable NiHM battery for laser and pen -up to 20 hrs of life
    • Cordless 2 button electromagnetic pen as mouse
    • clicks with laser pointer function
    • Left and right click. Push button style
    • Double click will launch an application
    • 7.5 mm proximity from tablet surface
    • Tether for pen
    • Tablet Accuracy + / - 0.5 mm
    • 10 mm proximity
    • Tilt range of Pen is 75 degree
    • Wireless out of the box
    • FCC Certified

    Wireless USB features:                          

    • Operates in the unlicensed industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) band (2.4 GHz - 2.483 GHz)
    • 2.4-GHz radio transceiver
    • -90-dBm receive sensitivity
    • Up to 0 dBm output power
    • Range up to 10 meters or more
    • Data throughput of up to 6.25 kbits/sec.
    • Highly integrated low cost, minimal number of external components required
    • Dual DSSS reconfigurable baseband correlators
    • SPI microcontroller interface (up to 2-MHz data rate)
    • 13-MHz + 50-ppm input clock operation
    • Low standby current < 1 ?
    • Integrated 30-bit manufacturing ID
    • Operating voltage from 2.7V to 3.6V

    Wireless USB functional description:

    • Operating temperature from 0º to 70º C
    • Offered in a small footprint 48 Quad Flat Pack No Leads (QFN)

    The CYWUSB6932/CYWUSB6934 Integrated Circuits (ICs) are highly integrated 2.4-GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) Radio Systemon- Chip (SoC) ICs. From the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) to the antenna, these ICs are singlechip 2.4-GHz DSSS Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK) baseband modems that connect directly to a microcontroller via simple serial interface.

    The CYWUSB6932 transmit-only IC and the CYWUSB6934 transceiver IC are available in small footprint 48-pin QFN package.

    Wiresless USB 2.5 Ghz Radio

    The receiver and transmitter are a single-conversion low-intermediate Frequency (low-IF) architecture with fully integrated IF channel matched filters to achieve high performance in the presence of interference. An integrated Power Amplifier (PA) provides an output power control range of 30 dB in seven steps.

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Wireless solution 2.4GHz Direct Sequence
Maximum range 60’
Tablet battery capacity 2000mAH
Battery life 40 hours
Charge time 6 - 8 hours (from empty)
Overall size 11" x 11"
Thickness .50" to 1.5" including feet
Power consumption of dongle 280mA maximum
Weight 1.5 pounds
Main digitiser area 6" x 4.5"
Extended digitiser areas 6" x 2"
Digitiser resolution 2000 lpi
Pen pressure resolution 1024 levels
Pen battery capacity 600mAH
Pen battery life 20 hours approx.
Pen battery recharge time 4 hours approx.
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RM Interactive Whiteboard Classpad

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