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RM VerTable Interactive Table

RM VerTable is more then just an ordinary table, full of exceptional capabilities and interactivity. RM Vertable is the most advance way of learning with extraordinary projection and computing facilities. The Vertable is available in 80" (inch) length diagonally with overall size of 72 inch x 36 inch, ready to use as a solid erase whiteboard table and a projection display in any preferred position horizontally or vertically. Usually, horizontal position is desirable to work on in situations where more than two individuals or a group interaction is necessary to perform a task on the other hand vertical is considered to be ideal for two students working together sharing the interactive whiteboard. In addition, RM Vertable is also build with adjustable levers to provide ease to the user to work on a surface height between 29" to 43" standing or sitting poistion according to the comfort level. Significantly, switching of RM Vertable from one position to another doesn't caution you to turn off any connected devices, it can be done while the Vertable is all awake.

The RM VerTable is all in one interactive whiteboard table for schools and educational institutes offering collaborative study programs and spreading high end creative learning experience for their students. A multi-functional facility kit of brackets included with RM vertable enables you to make the most use of the activity area, you can fix a utra short throw projector and can place a laptop on the bracket shelf to project presentations conveniently.

RM VerTable Interactive Table
RM VerTable Interactive Table
RM VerTable Interactive Table
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Features & Benefits
  • Inter-Changeable vertical to horizontal interactive computing surface
  • Provides an effective working surface enhancing collaboration
  • Works as an interactive whiteboard and dry erase board when in standing position
  • Features computing and projection capabilities
  • Adjusting position without switching off the connected equipment
  • Locking casters for trouble free mobility
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Features & Benefits
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Table surface (W X D) 70.86" x 35.43"
Approx image size  
Height 32.28"
Width 44"
Diagonal 56"
Height adjustment  
Horizontal (Table mode) Table surface height 28.14" to 42.32"
Vertical (Whiteboard mode) Top of projection surface 51.57" to 65.74"
Note: Floor to bottom edge of board in whiteboard mode when in lowest position 16.14 inches
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RM VerTable Interactive Table

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