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RM fuse creator is a software that allows teachers to create interactive lessons resulting in enhanced student engagement and participation. It is an extremely useful tool for teachers that can be used with any interactive whiteboard or personal computer. This RM software makes it possible to bring activities to life by adding multimedia content like images, videos and animations. RM fuse creator software features predesigned templates and helps transform old content into something unique and captivating. It also boosts student creativity and encourages them to form activities using various features like drag and drop, line linking, sequencing, fill in the blanks, multiple choice and flash cards. RM Fuse creator supports adaptive learning; a dynamic evaluation method that assesses each student based on their academic intellect. Each student is presented with a different set of questions as based on their earlier responses. An instructor is therefore able to gauge the student's caliber more accurately. The modules or content using RM fuse creator can be deployed on any SCROM compliant or VLE platform. It can even be run on any standalone computer (PC/MAC).

RM Fuse Creator
RM Fuse Creator
RM Fuse Creator
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Features & Benefits
  • Create interactive exercises for active participation
  • Multimedia content like videos, audio, images and animations can be added
  • Predesigned templates for creating unique content
  • Supports various features like drag and drop, line linking, sequencing, fill in the blanks, multiple choice and flash cards
  • Ease in creating interesting lessons
  • Content can be deployed on SCORM, VLE platform or computer (PC/MAC)
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Minimum system requirements are:

  • Microsoft Windows® XP/Vista/Windows 7.
  • 150MB free disk space for complete installation.
  • 1024x768 for content creation, 800x600 for content playback
  • Adobe Flash player is required for playback.

Notes: License valid for only one computer. CC3 and CC4 installation files are included within the pack.

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RM Fuse Creator

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