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RM Math Content Pack

The RM Easiteach Math Content Pack provides interactive content for every grade in the Elementary. It consists of over 140 interactive math lessons, with over 100 short mental math activities and 20 interactive teaching programs.

The lessons have been written to enable teachers to deliver effective student learning. Each lesson has comprehensive supporting teachers notes including learning objectives, suggestions for questioning strategies, key vocabulary, summary and review ideas, as well as suggestions to extend the lesson afterwards

RM Math Content Pack
RM Math Content Pack
RM Math Content Pack
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  • Interactive content for every grade in the Elementary
  • over 140 interactive math lessons
  • over 100 short mental math activities
  • 20 interactive teaching programs
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  • Counting
  • In this kindergarten lesson, the students count the bears then drag them to the number line

    In this solving problems lesson a 6th Grade class is challenged to complete a series of sequences.

  • Triangles
  • Recognizing Triangles asks the students to categorize the triangles into equilateral, isosceles or right triangles. In RM Easiteach, the student can easily rotate the triangles to aid identification.

  • Multiplication
  • RM Easiteach makes the review of multiplication facts more fun. Students can use the Fill tool to reveal the answers, and to make it more of a challenge a time limit can be added!

  • Number Facts
  • This is one of the 20 teaching interactive programs. It is designed to model how children add by combining and counting, and how they subtract by partitioning and taking away.

  • Puzzles
  • RM Easiteach Math contains loads of visually stimulating problems to solve.

  • Symmetry
  • RM Easiteach’s colorful screens makes teaching symmetry easy for all to see.

  • Graphs
  • A block graph can be constructed in seconds enabling teachers to display graphical data quickly and accurately.

  • Percentages
  • Questions and answers can be revealed with a touch of the screen!
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RM Easiteach Tutorials
System Requirements
  • Microsoft® Windows ®98, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP.
  • 64MB RAM on Windows 98, ME.
  • 128MB RAM on Windows 2000, XP.
  • 400MHz.
  • 250MB hard disk space, extra disk space is needed for each content pack
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RM Math Content Pack RM Math Content Pack
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