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RM Language Arts Content Pack

Break free from the front of the classroom with the RM Classpad. Create and deliver engaging lessons with all the interactivity of a whiteboard. The RM Classpad gives you the mobility you want, allowing you to move around the classroom and engage with your students. The stylus features a built-in laser pointer to help students follow the lesson. Use it as a wireless mouse to operate RM Easiteach, and other programs including Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Word®, and your Internet browser.

Maximize your technology investment with RM Easiteach 3.4, included with every RM Classpad, this powerful and flexible lesson platform allows you to create resources that incorporate text, clipart, animations, videos, flash files, sound, hyperlinks, databases and spreadsheets. Included in the starter pack, you receive the standard Easiteach toolbar to be used across the curriculum, allowing to you to manipulate objects in use and edit mode.

RM Language Arts Content Pack
RM Language Arts Content Pack
RM Language Arts Content Pack
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  • Provides interactive content for every grade in the Elementary school
  • Consists of 85 lessons
  • 77 excerpts from books
  • 50 writing frames
  • 200 spelling word lists
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  • Teacher's Notes
  • The lessons have been written to enable teachers to deliver effective student learning. Each lesson has comprehensive supporting teachers' notes including lesson aims, lesson overview, preparation, suggestions for questioning strategies, summary and review ideas, as well as suggestions to extend the lesson.

  • Rhyming Patterns
  • This kindergarten lesson uses the RM Easiteach Speak Text feature to investigate the rhyming patterns in the word endings. Students then go on to spot the rhyming patterns in simple words, then they use Word Builder cards to make new words with the same endings.

  • Poems
  • This 7th Grade lesson uses the RM Easiteach Split Screen feature with a Writing Frame to consider the tone, form and figurative language used in both poems. They then compare and contrast the different styles. Students are then challenged to write their own poems based on the work they have done in the lesson.

  • Writing Frames
  • Writing frames are used to give a supporting structure to the emerging writer. There are 50 writing frames in all covering nonfiction topics, for example, compare, contrast, explanation, report about a living thing, watching a video, as well as fiction examples, plot study, retelling a story, and writing a review.

  • Text Resources
  • The text resource bank contains examples of nonfiction, fiction, poetry and plays. In this poetry example, students can use the Highlight Word feature in the English Language Arts Toolbar to compare the two different rhyming patterns. Teachers can use the How to Make a Milkshake book to show students the format of an information book, look at the contents and index pages, and explain how a picture can replace a thousand words. The play texts can be used by teachers either as scripts to perform the plays or as examples of how a play text is formatted differently to the text in a book.

  • Spelling
  • There are different lists for US and Canadian spellings. These are organized into phonemes, clusters and vowels. They can either be used for the students to copy down the words or the teacher can print the lists and hand them out.
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System Requirements
  • Microsoft® Windows ®98, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP.
  • 64MB RAM on Windows 98, ME.
  • 128MB RAM on Windows 2000, XP.
  • 400MHz.
  • 250MB hard disk space, extra disk space is needed for each content pack
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