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iRespond Ultra Lite Student Response System

iRespond Ultra Lite Student Smart Response System is an effecient way to collect data spontaneously with a click. The iRespond clicker is purposely used to engage audience or students where two way communication is required. iRespond smart reponse system is a low cost interactive remote which is amazingly quick in recording responses registered during assesment or quiz sessions. iRespond Smart Response System is a perfect tool for informative assessments of students during classroom lectures. It helps teachers to see and evaluate students on their doings in real time to further work on improving their academic weeknesses. On the other hand, iRespond clicker increases the interst level of students to interact more to stand out, it prospects in initiating a competive enviroment excelling students to become instanly good at being the first one to answer.

Each unit of iRespond Student response system is identifically unique with a pin code to record the exact registery made by an indiviual for example students logging their attendance at the start of the day and logging out, vice versa. Moreover, iRespond Clicker allows and integerated to take responses on the performance based activities like quizes, multiple choice questions in yes or no's or True/false and short surveys. Some TV shows also uses iRepond audienceeponse system to get the audience suggestions on a mutiple choice question. With this version of iRepond Ultra Lite you can add audio , video clips along with web url's to your presenatation but with the bundleded Teacher's Dashboard Software only. Teachers can create detailed analysis reports of student academic history for future reference.

iRespond Ultra Lite Student Response System
iRespond Ultra Lite Student Response System
iRespond Ultra Lite Student Response System
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Features & Benefits
  • RF technology for reliable communication
  • Unique PIN codes; allows multiple users to use the same remote
  • Supports Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Teachers Dashboard software for adding audio, video and web links to presentations
  • Allows question types like multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, content item and surveys
  • Available with 24 handsets and 32 handsets
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Model iRespond UltraLite
Display LED
Wireless Type Radio Frequency
Buttons 5
Documents & Resources
iRespond Ultra Lite Student Response System RM iRespond Sell Sheet
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