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Easiteach Geography provides a set of tools that are designed specifically to support the teaching of geography to students of all ages. Explore directions and routes, measure distances and even create your own maps. Tools included are: grid overlay, grid fill, grid reference reader, compass rose, navigator, scale reader, distometer, and map builder.

Inspired by teachers and teaching experts, RM Easiteach’s innovative and easy-to-use teaching tools are software equivalents of familiar teaching tools, including place-value cards for Math, sentence builder cards for English Language Arts, map building tools for Geography, and stopwatch and timer tools for Science. The RM Easiteach curriculum toolbars have been designed for use with Elementary, Middle and High School students.

RM Geography Toolbar
RM Geography Toolbar
RM Geography Toolbar
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  • RM Easiteach is rapidly becoming the default software application for interactive classroom use because:
    • It has been designed specifically for education and whole-class teaching
    • You can use it throughout your school and across the curriculum
    • It engages and inspires students
    • It works on all brands of interactive whiteboards and other interactive technologies
  • Designed for Education and Whole-Class Teaching
    • RM Easiteach software has been designed in very close collaboration with teachers and teaching experts
    • RM Easiteach enhances teachers creativity, making it more exciting to teach
    • RM Easiteach brings interactivity and creativity into lessons so even the most reticent of students will want to get involved
    • The breadth and scope of RM Easiteach makes it ideal for developing lateral and literal thinking
    • It is cross-curricula with a family of innovative, flexible teaching tools and adaptable curriculum-focused content
    • The RM Easiteach family is being continually developed: we are adding new toolbars, extra functionality and enhanced content packs all the time
  • Why Use RM Easiteach Throughout Your School?
    • Works with all brands and types of interactive whole-class teaching technologies
    • Efficient because you can share, adapt and re-use lesson activities across your District
    • Standardize your whole-class teaching software and so save time and money on teacher training
    • Tools and multimedia resources for use across the curriculum
    • Subject-specific tools available to teach English Language Arts, Math, Science and Geography
    • Ready-made lessons and content available for English Language Arts, Math, and Science, with an educational games pack suitable for use throughout the school
  • RM Easiteach Engages and Inspires Students
    • Motivate and enthuse your class by creating exciting and flexible lessons
    • Involve your class by creating interactive resources
    • Create visual and animated models to demonstrate concepts and processes
    • Create resources suitable for a range of different learning styles
    • RM Easiteach engages students allowing teachers to teach faster-paced lessons
    • Memorable screens help students to learn and recall difficult concepts
    • Iinteractive content helps students to stay on task for longer periods
    • The screens can inspire students to continue learning after the lesson
    • Ideal for encouraging effective questioning and group discussion
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  • Grid Overlays
  • You can select a ready-made grid or create your own custom layout. They can be overlaid onto maps, downloaded from mapping websites, or used as a basis for creating new maps to help the teaching of grid references.

  • Grid Reference Reader
  • When moving the cursor over a map, the Grid Reference Reader displays the coordinates of points on the Grid, automatically reading in the format of that Grid (A1, 4 or 6 figure Grid References). If an image is dragged around a map, its reference will be displayed. This is very useful for planning such things as cycle routes.

  • Grid Fill
  • A grid fill tool allows you to shade the grid overlays. It may be used to show land-use or change over time. The fill color can be changed on the RM Easiteach toolbar.

  • Compass Rose
  • This tool displays a selection of compass roses that can be added to any map. Using the RM Easiteach toolbar they can be resized and rotated for greater accuracy.

  • Navigator
  • This produces a green marker for creating and following paths, using left-right or compass directions. The innovative Navigator tool enables students to explore directions, routes and journeys by moving around existing maps, or maps that you have created. Movements can be recorded and played back.

  • Scale Ruler
  • Rulers can be resized, rescaled and rotated to make a variety of measurements on the page, or to help construct plans.

  • Distometer
  • The distometer tool can be used for measuring paths, shapes, journeys - in fact anything! It can be used to take accurate measurements from images imported into Easiteach or captured by hardware such as digital cameras.

  • Map Builder
    This map builder palette enables you, or students, to construct maps using pictures or map symbols. The size of the image can be pre-set, and once on the map it can be further stretched and adjusted
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System Requirements
  • Microsoft® Windows ®98, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP.
  • 64MB RAM on Windows 98, ME.
  • 128MB RAM on Windows 2000, XP.
  • 400MHz.
  • 250MB hard disk space, extra disk space is needed for each content pack
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