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RM Games Content Pack

The RM Easiteach Games content pack contains 14 fun and exciting educational games that have been especially designed for use with interactive whiteboards and which are targeted at the Elementary School grades. Some are word games, some practice math skills, and others test students knowledge. To win the games, you will need to use logic and strategy!

RM Easiteach Games are flexible to use. Teams, individuals or groups of students can all play either at the whiteboard or on a PC. Students can even create questions for other students to solve.

RM Games Content Pack
RM Games Content Pack
RM Games Content Pack
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  • Content Pack contains 14 fun and exciting educational games for the elementary grades
  • Especially designed for interactive whiteboard use
  • Ergonomic design and high performance
  • Easiteach Games are flexible to use
  • Students can even create questions for other students to solve
  • Teams, individuals, or groups of students can all play at the whiteboard or on a computer
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  • Word Wall
  • Can you build a wall of words? Word Wall challenges students to use a set of letters to make as many words as possible in the time limit. Word Wall is a fun way to practice spelling and to learn new vocabulary.

  • Number Bingo
  • Number Bingo brings fun and teamwork to practicing arithmetic. It isn't just a case of ticking off numbers - you must first do the calculations to find out what the numbers are!

  • Line of Four
  • Line of Four is an absorbing strategy game for two players or teams, easy to learn but subtle to play. Outsmart your opponents in the race to place four crosses in a row!

  • Trapdoor
  • Trapdoor is a tense and exciting game that requires quick-fire math skills. Two competing teams must correctly answer questions as their own time clock runs down. The team whose timer runs out first is set for the drop!

  • Find Five
  • Find Five is a math game. And a Language Arts game. And a Social Studies And... well, it can be about anything you want, either using the content provided or creating your own questions. Each team must pick all five correct choices inside the time limit, or the challenge passes to the other team. Now, which of those choices were incorrect?

  • Pirate Ships
  • Pirate Ships is a word strategy game for two teams or two individual players. The goal is simple: find your opponent's ships and sink them all! However, hitting the targets isn't just a matter of luck - the teams need to use their knowledge of words and spelling rules to win.

  • Hit the Target
  • Can you hit the target? When it comes to strategies for addition and subtraction you need to be right on target. You can adjust the difficulty level and time limit to provide an exciting challenge for two teams or two individual players.

  • The Lost Jungle
  • This journey through the jungle is fun for both younger and older students. Younger students can count aloud as they move from square to square; older students can be challenged with timed tasks.

  • Pyramid Puzzler
  • Pyramid puzzler challenges you to put a set of items in the correct order as quickly as possible. You can play this versatile game with the examples provided or create questions of your own.

  • Word Search Creator
  • Word search creator is a quick and dynamic tool for creating and playing interactive word searches. You can play the game with the examples provided, or create and save word searches of your own on any topic that you choose.
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System Requirements
  • Microsoft® Windows ®98, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP.
  • 64MB RAM on Windows 98, ME.
  • 128MB RAM on Windows 2000, XP.
  • 400MHz.
  • 250MB hard disk space, extra disk space is needed for each content pack
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