Rear Projection Interactive Whiteboards


Since the evolution of Interactive Plasma Displays, most manufacturers have discontinued the production of Rear Projection Interactive Whiteboards. Please look at our collection of Interactive Plasma Displays if you need a high quality display or if you do not want to use a projector with your interactive whiteboard.


Interactive Plasma Displays

A plasma screen is a large widescreen monitor, from 32" to 84" in size, which has the advantage of being very thin so that it can be hung on walls. Plasma screens can be used with computers and video recorders/DVD players etc. A plasma screen overlay is a device that fits over a plasma screen. Plasma screens that have an interactive overlay on them work in exactly the same way as interactive whiteboards. The advantage of using a plasma screen is that a shadow is not cast by the presenter, unlike front projection interactive whiteboards.

Interactive plasma display

What am I missing ?

Rear projection interactive whiteboards work similarly to the front projection whiteboards. In rear projection interactive whiteboards, the projector is mounted behind the whiteboard and a series of mirrors project the image on the screen. The advantage of rear projection over front projection is that the presenter does not have to look into the projector light when speaking to the audience and the presenter also does not cast a shadow on the board. The disadvantage is that these systems are usually 5 times more expensive than front projection whiteboards. They also take up more space, as the back is bulkier due to housing the projector. Therefore, for obvious reasons they are now obsolete. Please visit our Interactive Plasma Display page if you are looking for all the features and benefits of a rear projection interactive whiteboard with high picture quality at an affordable price.



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