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Qwizdom Q7 Wireless Presentation Tablet

Qwizdom Q7 Wireless Presentation Tablet combines advanced RF technology, presenter controls, and response system interactivity* to help teachers and students connect and collaborate in completely new ways.Create, annotate and interact with screen objects, run computer programs, and navigate through presentations while viewing private presenter notes and indicators.

Its sleek modern design allows teachers to draw, annotate, and control computer applications without being tethered to a computer. Additionally, presenters can view notes, presentation indicators, and input from participants on the tablet's LCD screen.

Qwizdom Q7 Wireless Presentation Tablet
Qwizdom Q7 Wireless Presentation Tablet
Qwizdom Q7 Wireless Presentation Tablet
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Features & Benefits
  • Interactive whiteboard capabilities
    • Wirelessly create, annotate, and interact with screen objects.
    • Run computer applications with programmable pen keys and hard keys.
    • Utilize pen on tablet interface which offers all mouse functions.
    • Aligns with other whiteboard devices (not required).
  •  Presentation control device
    • View presenter notes and presentation indicators privately on LCD screen.
    • Control volume, window shade, and virtual laser pointer.
    • Move from slide to slide and launch new presentations using navigation keys or pen.
    • Pose questions and interact with learning objects or games.
  • Additional features available when used with Qwizdom Student Response System (optional)
    • View student response data.
    • Discreetly view requests for help on LCD screen.
    • Control SRS presentation features.
  • Overall dimensions 7.7" x 10.6" x 1"
  • Based on 802.15.4 Radio Frequency Standard (2.4 GHz)
  • Rechargeable tablet and rechargeable pen with left and right click
    mouse options
  • Small USB receiver that can be stored in the tablet when not in use
  • 4,000 Lines of resolution
  • Graphic LCD screen with backlight
  • Less than 1.5 lbs makes this device compact and easy to carry around
  • LCD provides feedback on current tool selection, battery life, and
    network status
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Qwizdom Q7 Wireless Presentation Tablet

Qwizdom Q7 Tablet Brochure

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