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Qwizdom Q6 Response System

Qwizdom Q6 Response System is an audience based response system. It features a cell phone style design and keypad, large LCD, and compatibility with other Qwizdom models. The cell phone design makes it familiar to use, especially the keypad. The keypad contains full text input with expanded symbols that gives your audience different options to respond to your questions. The LCD is one of the largest that comes in a response system. It allows you to type in long questions for your audience or students. The large frequency range of the Q6 allows you to communicate with your audience from as far as 100 meters. This allows you to walk around the meeting and communicate with your audience at the same time. The Q6 is a durable remote. It has been tested vigorously during manufacturing to check if it can survive the classroom rigors.
The Q6 system comes with 16 remotes and the Q5 teacher remote. If you want to add more remotes, you can add 24 or 32 remotes. It is also compatible with other Qwizdom models like the Q4. If you're in a meeting, the Q6 can be used along with the Q4, and they'll work fine together. The Qwizdom Q6 Response System is an ideal choice for answering multiple choice or short answer questions.

Qwizdom Q6 Remote
Qwizdom Q6 Response System
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
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Our Price : $1,445
List Price : $1,845
Shipping : $99

Model Description Our Price
Q6016P Qwizdom Q6 Response System with 16 Remotes and Q5 Instructor Remote $1445
Q6024P Qwizdom Q6 Response System with 24 Remotes and Q5 Instructor Remote $2045
Q6032P Qwizdom Q6 Response System with 32 Remotes and Q5 Instructor Remote $2595
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Qwizdom's Award Winning Technology is designed to engage everyone in the audience, whether it be in the classroom, boardroom or the conference hall.

Your audience will be inspired, engaged, and motivated using the Qwizdom's software, data collection tools, and RF handheld remote systems.

It combines response system interactivity, customized presentations, formative assessments, and online reporting into one complete solution.

Successfully engages, motivates, and empowers your participants to make more impactful evaluations, trainings, and conferences.

Instantly displays the right or wrong feedback.

Allows your audience to discreetly ask for assistance on discussed topics.


  • Use seamlessly with your favorite applications on Windows or Macintosh.
  • Access thousands of premade lessons, question sets, and learning objects.
  • Easily move devices from class to class and login by user ID or session (class) ID.
  • Supports unlimited number of 'paper based' activities at the same time.
  • Automatically enter and score students' responses.
  • Two-way RF technology based on 802.15.4 IEEE standard.
  • Large LCD display with on-screen question text capability.
  • Text questions display on screen.
  • Up to 100 meter range and 1,000 remotes per host.
  • Dimensions are 6 x 13.2 x 2.5 (cm) (WxHxD).
  • Supports Multiple Mark, Sequencing, Rating Scale, Yes/No, Numeric (including fractions, decimals, and mixed expressions), Multiple Choice, True/False, Text Input, and Text Edit question types.
  • Two AA batteries—last a full year with typical usage.
  • Right/Wrong indicator feature provides students instant feedback after every question.
  • Help option lets students discreetly signal the instructor for assistance.
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