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Quartet Kapture is an idea recording and sharing tool, which can be used in all sorts of presentations, meetings and conferences. Using Bluetooth technology, it transmits data directly to computer as soon as it is written on the flipchart. Kapture digital pens are provided for writing on the flipcharts. The camera at the tip of the pen records each and every pen stroke and transfers it digitally to the computer system. Users can easily browse between pages, as the bundled software keeps tracks of all pages. The Quartet Kapture allows simultaneous use of four Kapture pens (4 users) and three flipcharts. The flipchart measures 22.5 x 33 inches in size. Browsing between the pages is really easy as each page is tracked in real-time by the provided software. The captured images can be exported either in PDF or jpeg format. Users can also edit the images by using the software, which can retrieve data from 3 flipcharts simultaneously.

Once captured, users can export the images in PDF or jpeg format as preferred. The images can be edited or organized by using provided software suite which can track data from 3 flipchart pads (90 pages) simultaneously. The finalized images can be further distributed via email.

One of the unique features of Quartet Premium digital flipcharts is its support for colored ink cartridges. It comes with red, blue and green cartridges for creating effective and interactive presentations. It assists users in creating mind & process maps, meeting notes, and interactive presentations. It also contributes in carrying out effective brainstorming sessions.

The Quartet Kapture comes in three flavors (Starter Kit, Office Kit and Premium Kit) differentiated by the included accessories.

Quartet IdeaShare PP1264 Dry Erase Board
Quartet Kapture
Quartet IdeaShare PP1264 Dry Erase Board
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
Shipping: Usually ships in one week
Warranty: One year warranty

  Quartet Kapture Starter Kit Quartet Kapture Office Kit Quartet Kapture Premium Kit
Model No. / MPN 23700 23701 23702
UPC No. 034138237007 034138237014 034138237021
Dimensions 26.0"w x 36.25"h x 2.75"d 26.0"w x 36.25"h x 2.75"d 26.0"w x 36.25"h x 2.75"d
Weight 6.81 lbs 9.73 lbs 14.76 lbs
Warranty One year One year One year
Interface USB USB USB
Paper Type Plain Plain Plain
Writing Space 30 Pages 60 Pages 120 Pages
Supported OS Mac OS, Windows Mac OS, Windows Mac OS, Windows
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List Price : $434
Shipping : $35

Our Price : $418
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Features and Benefits
  • Allows four people to write simultaneously
  • Four 30-page self-adhesive flipchart pads
  • Multicolor cartridges (Red, Blue, Green and Black)
  • Easily accessible additional Kapture pens, flipcharts and pen refills
  • Instantly transmits data from flipchart pads to computer through Bluetooth technology
  • Bundled software for easy editing of notes and images.
  • Easy browsing between pages due to automatic tracking feature in the bundled software.
  • Export data in popular file formats such as jpeg and PDF
  • Eliminates the need for transcribing meeting and presentation notes
  • Recall meetings through actual annotations and images
  • Every stroke is recorded directly to your computer
  • Simultaneously use multiple pages, 3 pads and 4 digital pens
  • Distribute handouts in PDF and JPEG formats
  • Easy, out-of-the-box setup
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Quartet Kapture Office Kit
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