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Qomo QWB56 Interactive Whiteboard

QOMO QWB56 Interactive Whiteboard comes with an infrared technology and can be utilized in any industry or institution streamlining the workflow and making presentations more effective. It features an active area size of (831x1094) (HxW) with a screen resolution of (4096x4096) and is perfect for use in large halls or class rooms. This QWB56 interactive whiteboard provides a convenient platform for conducting attractive presentations by allowing writing freely on the board with your finger or a custom pen. With its durable surface the cleaning and maintenance of the whiteboard gets quite easy also providing minimum glare.

QOMO QWB56 engages its audience as it enables users to directly edit and annotate in real time on all kinds of documents, 3D objects, files and CAD/CAM drawings or maps. Customized backgrounds and images can be developed with the use of graphic tools which tend to make your lectures more eye catching and attractive. A more collaborative environment can be achieved by video conferencing supported by QWB56 interactive whiteboard which can also be integrated with various other products like QOMO desktop and portable camera’s, writing tablets and QClick audience response system. The Interactive Whiteboard comes with Flow Works software and RM Easiteach and gives its users the leverage to collect multiple specialized software packages with the board. 

**Requires computer and projector to operate. 

Qomo QWB56 Interactive Whiteboard
Qomo QWB56 Interactive Whiteboard
Qomo QWB56 Interactive Whiteboard
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Supplies and Accessories
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QWB56-Stand QOMO Stand for 56" board $264

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Features & Benefits
  • Using advanced IR technology, the QOMO Interactive Whiteboard recognizes the pen or will recognize your finger and accurately track you anywhere on the screen.
  • Surface is durable, cleans up easily and is coated to provide minimal glare
  • Annotate over any application and save your work
  • Select among three different pens with unlimited color choices
  • Easily integrates into a complete conference network
  • Supports real time on-screen editing
  • Graphic tools allow you to define background selection and input custom graphics/images
  • Supports third party software applications
  • Create, edit and annotate over live motion video
  • Integrates seamlessly with QOMO desktop and portable document cameras, writing tablets and QClick audience response system
  • Free online training and upgrades
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Model 56" Interactive Hiteboard QWB56
Technology Infrared
Touch System Pen or Fingure
Resolution 4096 x 4096
Response Time First dot:25ms, continuous dot:8ms
Cursor Speed 120 inches/second
Coordinate Accuracy 3mm
Active Area Size 831x 1094 mm (H x W)
General Specifications
Port USB
Storage Drivers Widows2000/XP/Vista
Storage Temprature -40 F to 95 F (40 C to 35 C)
Storage Humidity 10-90%
Operating Humidity 30-90%
Operating Temprature -40 F to 95 F (5 C to 35 C)
Warranty 2 Years
Dimensions 997 x 1331 mm (H x W)
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Qomo QWB56 Interactive Whiteboard

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