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Qomo QWB100WS Interactive Whiteboard

QOMO QWB100WS Interactive Whiteboard with its infrared technology changes the way of presentations that are conducted in a classrooms. It has a large screen with an active area size of (2013x1139) (HxW) and a screen resolution of (4096x4096). This Interactive Whiteboard recognizes the touch of a finger and also allows user to write freely on the board with a custom pen. It consists of a durable surface providing minimum glare and is quite easy to clean and maintain.

QOMO QWB100WS allows real time editing and annotating over all kinds of documents, 3D objects, files, CAD-CAM drawings, maps and images. With the use of graphic tools you can also select or customize backgrounds and images/graphics.  QWB100WS supports video conferencing and can seamlessly integrate with multiple products like QOMO desktop and portable camera’s, writing tablets and QClick audience response system promoting a more collaborative environment. The QWB100WS comes with Flow Works software and RM Easiteach also giving its users the freedom to bundle multiple specialized software packages with the board.

**Requires computer and projector to operate.  

Qomo QWB100WS Interactive Whiteboard
Availability: Discontinued
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Installation Services
Product Description Price Order
Services Electronic Whiteboard Installation $495

Features & Benefits

  • Using advanced IR technology, the QOMO Interactive Whiteboard recognizes the pen or will recognize your finger and accurately track you anywhere on the screen.
  • Surface is durable, cleans up easily and is coated to provide minimal glare
  • Annotate over any application and save your work
  • Select among three different pens with unlimited color choices
  • Easily integrates into a complete conference network
  • Supports real time on-screen editing
  • Graphic tools allow you to define background selection and input custom graphics/images
  • Supports third party software applications
  • Create, edit and annotate over live motion video
  • Integrates seamlessly with QOMO desktop and portable document cameras, writing tablets and QClick audience response system
  • Free online training and upgrades
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Model 105" Interactive Hiteboard QWB100WS
Technology Infrared
Touch System Pen or Fingure
Resolution 4096 x 4096
Response Time First dot:25ms, continuous dot:8ms
Cursor Speed 120 inches/second
Coordinate Accuracy 3mm
Active Area Size 2013 x 1139
General Specifications
Port USB
Storage Drivers Widows2000/XP/Vista
Storage Temprature -40 F to 95 F (40 C to 35 C)
Storage Humidity 10-90%
Operating Humidity 30-90%
Operating Temprature -40 F to 95 F (5 C to 35 C)
Warranty 2 Years
Dimensions 105" Diagonal
Net Weight

88 lbs. (40 kg)

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