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QClick is the most powerful and cost effective Interactive Wireless Audience Response System on the market. Its uses range from traditional classroom settings to group meetings where instant feedback is critical. The QClick system completely integrates into Microsoft® PowerPoint, making it both easy to learn, and fun to use.

QClick enriches your presentations and classroom curricula by eliciting and encouraging audience participation. Use it in a classroom, at a training, during a focus group, or in corporate meetings. With QClick's interactive PowerPoint software and the wireless audience remote keypad given to each participant, real-time feedback can be electronically collected at the simple CLICK of a button.

QOMO QClick QPad
Availability: Discontinued
Shipping: Usually ships in one week
Warranty: Two-year limited warranty


QClick QPad Audience Keypads

The Qclick QPad is part of "QIR200 Audience Response System". If you have purchased QClick QIR 232 or QClick QIR 212 and want any additional audience QPads, you can buy each it individually. Please note that a system can have a maximum of 400 Audience Keypads.

Each audience Keypad has an ID number. The ID number can be set and reset by the instructor at any time. All responses are automatically collected within seconds.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Dimensions: 4” L x 1 .2” W x 0.6” H
  • Durable, rugged case ensures maximum durability under extreme conditions.
  • 7 key user input
  • Range for one receiver is approximately 50 feet
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What QOMO QClick can do for you
  • Qclick ensures that your professional presentation is more interesting, entertaining, greatly interactive and informative.
  • Instructors and presenters can display questions, surveys, opinion polls and games that allow everyone in the audience to select a response via their wireless remote keypad and transmit the data immediately to the presenter.
  • Critical information can be accurately and efficiently gathered, ranked and communicated in a matter of seconds.
  • Qclick integrates 100% into Microsoft® Powerpoint - giving you the capability to author, deliver, assess and report without ever leaving Powerpoint. Qclick makes your presentations and classroom curricula much more engaging.
  • With QClick, your interactive Powerpoint presentation can conduct on-the-spot assessments, gauge opinions of all participants, or that of an individual participant at any point during your presentation or training session.

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Qomo QClick Features
  • QClick software is Plug-in MS PowerPoint software. It is very easy to learn and use.
  • QClick software has 4 programs: QClick Quiz Master, QClick Setting and Query, QClick Exam Paper Editor, and QClick Standard Exam.
  • QClick Quiz Master is used to edit questions and conduct quizzes or games.
  • QClick Setting and Query is used to test the hardware, set the audience remote ID number, and manage the information of the audience and active records (reports).
  • QClick Standard Exam & Exam Editor is used for conducting self-paced multiple-choice examinations and editing.
  • Easy PowerPoint Slide Conversion
  • Select Participation Mode
  • Select Activity Modes
  • Status Bar
  • Timer: Conduct timed quizzes and test
  • Answering Status Bar
  • Instant Results and Reports
  • Select Setting: Include Hardware Test, Remote ID Set, Data Manage, Student Set, Teacher Set, Subject Set and System Set. Student Set can be imported or exported from excel files
  • Select Query: Choose Query by class, group, individual and activity.
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