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Qomo QIT500 Interactive Display

QOMO QIT500 Interactive Display is a powerful tool which replaces a standard computer monitor with a high resolution 19” Flat Panel Wide Screen LCD monitor and gives you the ability to write/annotate on your displayed materials. The stylus acts as mouse for all of your software applications and allows you to enable the handwriting software component that is included with most computer operating systems. When used with QOMO Flow! Works software it becomes a remarkably powerful interactive device.

Qomo QIT500 Interactive Display
Qomo QIT500 Interactive Display
Qomo QIT500 Interactive Display
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Warranty: One year warranty

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Features & Benefits
  • Write, draw and annotate over any running application
  • Works with Doc Cam, Camcorder, and firewire equipment to annotate on live video
  • Directly write into Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) files
  • Full featured object management tool (copy/paste/rotate/zooming/color changing) available
  • Thumbnail review capability enables you quickly find any marked slides
  • Image library with over 5000 images available
  • Directly write/type into presentation
  • Handwritten object recognition and conversion
  • Authentic penmanship displaying, personalized communication
  • Electromagnetic grip pen can function as a mouse
  • Intuitive and user-friendly graphic based interface allows quick learning allows quick learning and mastering
  • 19" TFT active matrix electromagnetic wide screen LCD Panel
  • Two year warranty
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Technology Electromagnetic
Screen Size 19", 16:9
Resolution 1440 x 900
Coordinate Resolution 1000lpi
Contrast 500:1
Accuracy +/- 0.5mm
Pressure Sensitivity 1024
Brightness 300cd/m2
Frequency 31.47-70.64KHz
Pixel Distance 0.285 x 0.285 mm
Response Time 16ms
Transition Speed 180 dots/second
General Specifications
Max Sensitive Height 5mm or higher
Projector Control (power, inputs) 40W
Active Size 410.4 x 256.5mm
View Angle Rt 85°, Lft 85°, Up 80°, Low 80°
Output Connector Analogue Sub-D(VGA) 15 pins
Input Connector Analogue Sub-D(VGA) 15 pins
Connector USB
Dimensions 455mm x 305mm x 55mm (W x H x D)
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