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Qomo QD1600 Digital Processing Visual Presenter
Availability: Discontinued
Shipping: Usually ships in one week
Warranty: Two-year manufacturer warranty


Unique Versatile System Integration Media Center

With 2 RGB outputs, 2 RGB inputs, S-video input/output, C-video input/output, and audio inputs, the QD1600 provides superior connectivity. You can run two computer RGB inputs and two video inputs from a DVD and a VCR with sound through the QD1600, then output to monitors and projectors. A1I inputs go out to the projector via ONE VGA cable, thanks to the built-in C-video and S-video scalars.You can use your computer or any third party control system (AMX, Crestron, etc) to control the QD1600 via R5232 Interface.

Connection Configuration

High Quality Image

The QD1600's 1/3" CCD delivers native XGA resolution (1024 x 768) and makes it possible to view ad objects in the finest details.
The QD1600 offers excellent clarity in text viewing and superbcolor reproduction in 317 object presentation. At a frame rate of 20 spirit captures and reproduces the moving images with great smoothness.

Simple & User Friendly Operation

LED Lights
Durable environment friendly LED arm lights and backlight deliver new visual effects and extra long usage life which can last up to 10 years.

Motorized Camera Head
The unique motorized camera head allows users to scroll the Image up and down by simply pressing buttons on the front panel or on the remote control. The smooth movement of the camera head assures clarity and ease of operation. This function is especially useful in displaying legal documents for a continuous and comfortable viewing experience.

Compact Design
The QD1600 has an ultra thin viewing base. The 12 pound body weight makes it convenient to carry. An optional carrying case Is Ideal for business travelers.

Computer Control
The QD1600 can be remotely controlled by computer via a RS-232 serial port.

Remote Control
The QD1600 offers a full featured remote control. It contains every function on the front panel and gives you the ability to turn the projector on and off so you can consolidate remote controls. The large IR reception area makes It easy to operate from any angle.

Mouse Control
Utilizing the mouse directly connected to the QD1600, you can control the functions of the camera and do basic annotations live on screen!

Advance Digital Features and Controllability

Text Enhancement
The QD1600 includes a "Text" button with "one-touch" text enhancement, sharpening the edges of any text for improved readability.

Title Function
The title function allows users the ability to freeze the top 1/8 of the screen providing an organized presentation

Split Screen
Users can freeze images comparing live Images and captured frozen images side by side for better illustration in the split screen mode

Enhanced Visual Effect for "Motion" and "Still" Images
The QD1600 features a Dynamic Mode/Static Mode function The Dynamic mode is designed to overcome weaknesses of a digital visual presenter which is a strobe effect on the screen when showing objects in motion. Using the Dynamic mode, the QD1600 shows smooth and accurate motion in real time. The static mode delivers greatly enhanced digital still images. The 'Text' button offers 'one-touch' text enhancement sharpening the edges of the text for improved clarity.

Internal Image storage and recall The QD1600 allows you to store up to 9 images, recall and display them in the thumbnail mode

Built-in LightBox
The built-in light box allows the display of X - rays, transparencies, and slides. Using the neg/pos button, you can display the positive print of your photographer negative.

PC and Mac USB 2.0 Image Capture and Video Recall
High speed USB 2.0 allows fast transfer to a computer for future edit and recall.
Presentation System
Applications:Present 3D Objects, Document, Books/Magazines, X-Rays and 35mm Film, Negative in Real Time, PowerPoint, Computer Screen, Video Display, Visual Presenter and LCD Panel
Benefits:Reduce Preparation Time, No More Transparencies
  • 1/3" CCD camera, native XGA resolution
  • Motorized camera head allows scrolling up and down the page without moving objects
  • Hi-speed (120x)auto focus zoom produces excellent depth of field/ depth of focus
  • 16 x Optical zoom, 10 x electrical zoom
  • Environmentally friendly LED lights on arms and light box provide long life (10 years)
  • Feature Rich Control Panel
  • Remote control; slips into base controls all functions.
  • Control Panel cheat sheet
  • Inputs: 2 RGB, S/Video, C/Video, Audio, USB
  • Outputs: 2 RGD, S/Video, C/Video, Audio, RS-232
  • Media Center allows switching of all inputs to a single output
  • Built in video scaler
  • Image capture allows capture of 16 images
  • 2 x 2 on screen display of captured images
  • Image capture and video recall via USB into computer
  • Mouse input allows camera control and basic annotation
  • Light weight (12 pounds)
  • Compact design
  • Wheeled carrying case available
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Color system

NTSC or PAL system

Pickup device 



XGA (1024 x 768)

Total Pixels        



16 x optical zoom, 10 x electrical zoom



Camera Rotation

Vertically 330°


Auto/manual selectable

White balance


Camera Mouse


Negative/positive conversion


Black/white and color selection


Image Freeze


Emposs conversion


Edge conversion


Image Mirror


Image Rotate


Image Flip


Image PIP


Image Split


Image Save & Recall

16 frames save

Camera Mouse



Arm light: 1.5W LED lamps x 2

Back light: 4W LED lamps

Input connectors

C Video IN (RCA) (1)

S Video IN (4-pin DIN) (1)

Audio IN (Mini Jack) (2)

MIC IN (phone jack)(1)

PC Audio (2)


Output connectors


C Video OUT (RCA) (1)

S Video OUT (4-pin DIN) (1)

Audio OUT (Mini Jack) (1)

Operating system

Windows XP SP2 (Service pack 2)

Hardware Requirement

CPU higher than P2.4GHz
Memory higher than 256 MB

Frame Rate

25 frames/sec

RS-232 connector

D-Sub, 9-pin, male

USB port

USB 2.0

Power requirements

12V/4A external AC adapter

Dimension (W x D x H)

Folded: 20.1″ x 16.1″ x 4.7″

Setup: 20.1″ x 20.9″ x 22.4″


N.W: 5.5Kg (12.1lbs)
G.W: 9.5Kg (20.9 lbs)


AC power cord
RGB cable
Audio/Video cable
S-Video cable
Computer RS232 cable (9-pin to 9-pin)
USB cable
Audio convert cable
AC adapter
User’s manual
Software CD
Infrared remote control
Warranty card

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