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Qomo QRF500 Audience Response System

Qomo QRF500 Audience Response System comes with a main remote control and a set of remotes that enable you to get instant feedback. Using the main remote, you can prepare quizzes or carry out a poll, and the audience can reply through the set of remotes. The remotes are available in 12, 24 or 32 sets with the radio frequency receiver capable of supporting 400 remotes at the same time. It is one of the best tools that can be used for classrooms, presentations, voting, focus groups and official meetings.

It weighs around 10lbs with 32 clickers. Through audience response system you can engage with your participants and get instant feedback. You can even ask questions through the instructor remote and view the responses of your audience. The radio frequency receiver of this system supports 400 remotes at once and allows you to manage communications and set cup classes and product reports. The setup of this clicker integrates easily with Power point and you can import and export excels lists.

Qomo QRF500 Audience Response System's easy to use QClick software allows creation of PowerPoint documents, and quizzes in True False, short answers, and multiple choice formats. You can also manage class lists using QClick. This is a quick way to grade quizzes as you get the answers instantly in the main remote without the need to manually grade paper based quizzes.

Qomo QRF500 Audience Response System
Qomo QRF500 Audience Response System
Qomo QRF500 Audience Response System
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Warranty: 2 Years

Our Price : $695
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Features & Benefits
  • Easy one-click PowerPoint Slide Conversion.
  • Mouse control functionality with the Instructor Remote.
  • Instantly display results.
  • Generate queries based on class, individual or activity.
  • Instant confirmation of response on the pad.
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Instructor Remote  
Dimension 5" x 2" x 1"
LCD 1.7" color backlit
Resolution 128x160px, 19 line/15 characters
Power 2 x AA batteries
Student/Response Remote  
Dimension 4.5" x 1.8" x .7"
LCD 1.1" backlit
Resolution 128x64, 4 lines/32 characters
Power 2 x AAA batteries
Radio-Frequency Receiver  
Dimension 3" x 1" x .3"
Technology 2.4 GHz RF
Number of units per receiver 1000
Connection USB
Shipping Dimensions  
Dimension 16" x 14.7" x 7"
Weight 10 lbs (with 32 clickers)
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