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Promax PDP100 InSync™46in. Interactive Plasma Display

Promax PDP-100

Our state of the art plasma display offers you spectacular image quality and unparalleled interactivity.

Write: Pick up a pen from the intelligent pen tray or simply use a finger, you can write or draw on the plasma screen. You can choose any screen color and pen color to make your teaching personal and fun.

Annotate: Annotate directly over any running applications, such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, AVI, PDF, MPEG, and JPEG. You can even directly save your notes into Microsoft Ofice (Word / Excel / PowerPoint) and Photoshop files.

Network Conferencing:
Conference with your colleagues, share data and annotate over files at various locations through LANs or Internet. Once integrated with professional video conferencing systems, the InSync Conferencing Systems upgrades itself into a complete video conferencing system in which different parties can share data, notes, and ideas simultaneously around the globe. The notes written on the plasma screen can be distributed to attendees at remote locations instantly via network. It greatly saves the cost and boosts the effectiveness of meetings

Touch Control:
Use your finger to launch a program or drag and drop an object. You will feel operating a computer has never been so much fun.

Display: High resolution plasma display satisfies your finest visual sensation. It can be used as a PC monitor, HDTV, and/or surveillance monitor. It offers versatile connectivity with it's built in RGB, DVI, and AV input terminals


Promax PDP100 InSync™46in. Interactive Plasma Display

promax PDP-100
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
Shipping: Usually ships in one week
Warranty: Two-year limited warranty


  • Overlay for Samsung Model HP-R5052 50 inch plasma screen
  • Intelligent pen tray with 3 colors and eraser
  • No more projector shadow
  • InSync Software Included: InSync Live and InSync notes
  • Write on 100% live video feed from Promax Visualizer
  • Use together with Promax motorized camera head for best mobility
  • Windows compatible
  • Free Online Training
  • Conferencing Systems
  • Teaching and Training
  • Design and Analysis
  • Emergency Command System
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Easy Operation

Intelligent Pen Tray: The InSync Software will be launched after the PC is turned on. You just pick up any pe on the intelligent pen tray or use your finger to write on the screen, annotate over any interface or operate the computer.

Shortcut Keys:5 Shortcut keys on the side of the panel offer you quick access to the most used functions.

Accessories: 3 pens in three basic colors and one electronic eraser are provided. They will last forever. No replacement is necessary.

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Operating Voltage 5V DC (through USB port)
Operating Current <50 mA
Operating Temperature 32°F - 113°F
Operating Humidity <80%
Display Size 46"
Infrared Scanning Resolution 360 x 204
Sreen Resolution Wide XGA (1366 x 768)
Anti-Light Interference Writes normally beyond 20" exposure distance of radiated 60W incandescent lamp
Anti-Radiation Frequncy Interference Writes normally beyond 8" exposure distance of a cellular phone in service
Dimensions (W x D xH) 46" x 28" x 2.4" (pen tray excluded)
Package Paper Carton
Shipping Dimensions (W x D xH) 50" x 32" x 2.8"
Net Weight 93 lbs.
  • Intelligent pen tray (1 set)
  • Writing pen (3)
  • Eraser (1)
  • USB cable (1)
  • Application CD-ROM (1)
  • Installation kits (1 set)
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Documents & Demos
Promax PDP-100
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