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Touch Sensitive Lightning™ Interactive Whiteboards

"Calibration free walk-and-talk presentations."

The current method of interactive whiteboard calibration requires the user to walk up to the board and touch between four and sixteen points of a projected image. This step is the most time consuming and tedious part of using an interactive whiteboard. With Lightning™ interactive whiteboards, you simply turn on the projector, push the projection button on the TS interactive whiteboard and then start using the board. It is that simple! Ideal for classrooms and business education environments, Webster TS Series is an economical, interactive visual communication solution.

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Get absolutaly free RM Easiteach Content Pack with every purchase of Steelcase PolyVision Interactive Whiteboard

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  • Primary Math
  • Primary Science
  • Primary English Language and Arts
  • Secondary Content Pack- Combination of all of above content pack
Steelcase Polyvision TSL810 Interactive Whiteboard RoHS Compliant_95_x_43 (95" x 43")
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
Shipping: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Warranty: Two year limited warranty, free upgrade to five years upon product registration
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Introducing PolyVision's TS Lightning™ Series of Interactive Whiteboards - the world's first calibration-free interactive whiteboard. TS Lightning eliminates the need to perform the four, eight, or sixteen point calibration of standard interactive whiteboards so you can enjoy interruption-free meetings and classes! If your projected image is ever out of alignment, simply press the projection icon on the TS series icon strip and calibration occurs instantly using Photonic Array Technology.
Keep Your Audience Focused
TS Lightning boards include all the benefits of the regular TS Series, helping to dramatically improve group interactivity by allowing participants to listen and engage.The TS Series digitally captures any notes written or projected onto the board, so your audience can focus on the session content rather than concentrating on taking notes. Notes can be provided in your choice of format: via e-mail, Internet, intranet, or printed copies.
Maintain Message Consistency
There is little room for miscommunication when all session participants have the same notes; simply save your work to a computer for later distribution. Plus it's easy to review notes and annotations made during previous sessions and update presentations accordingly, eliminating the time crunch of preparing digital presentations.
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  • Calibration-free projection
  • Easy to use icon strip
  • Free Webster™ software included
  • Transfer images via drag & drop, clipboard, or file export
  • Anti-aliased markup including highlighters
  • Real-time playback
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Enables electronic communication of information
  • Allows user to control presentation from the board
  • Supports both Windows™ and Apple Macintosh™ operating systems
  • Improves audience participation and enhances comprehensive learning
  • Uses standard dry erase markers
  • Eliminates post-meeting transcription
  • No confusing pen trays to use
  • Standard backdrops for repeated use are embedded, such as musical graphs, geography maps, and sports playing fields
  • Save images in JPG, BMP, TIFF, WMF, HTM, PDF, PCT, MacPaint, PSD, PNG, Quicktime Image, and TGA
Surface material:
Touch-sensitive, low-glare, stain-resistant Teflon® surface
Power Requirements:
  • USB connection to computer
  • No external power required
Product Feature:
Calibration-free projection
FCC class A, CE
Accessories (Included):
  • User Manual
  • 3.25 inch (830mm) round eraser
  • 15 foot (3m) USB cable
Computer Requirements:
Microsoft Windows ® :
  • 32 megabytes RAM, Pentium 250 MHZ processor or better
  • Windows 98,b2000, ME, XP, or tablet XP
  • One USB port

Apple Macintosh ® :

  • 32 megabytes RAM; a Power PC, G3, G4 or G5 processor
  • Mac OS version 8, 9, or X
  • One USB port
  • Mobile stand - supports models TSL 400 and TSL 600
  • RM Easiteach® Studio educational software
Dimensions of Steelcase PolyVision Walk-and-Talk interactive whiteboard
Interactive Whiteboard Model TSL810

Dimension A (HxW)

47.7" x 97.0"

(1210mm x 2460mm)

Dimension B (HxW)

43.0" x 95.0"

(1090mm x 2410mm)

Dimension C (Diagonal)

104.3" (2649mm)

Dimension D (Depth)

3.0" (76.2mm)


8000 x 8000


70 lbs. (31.78 kg)

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Documents & Demos
Steelcase PolyVision Walk-and-Talk interactive whiteboard on a mobile stand.
product sheet-board
TS series user & installation guide
TS series demo video

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