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Thunder™ Virtual Flipchart™ System

"Thunder connect people and ideas globally"

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Thunder completely redefines the collaborative experience, giving teams the environment and tools they need to work or learn together, regardless of location. Imagine a room where flipcharts, data, video, and other digital information surround you on the walls - a room where you are immersed in the content. All of it virtual, so it can be displayed, shared and updated in real time, around the globe or around the corner.

Thunder finally solves a challenge that has been troubling business and education for years: real-time, natural information exchange. Research shows that persistent and visible information is vital to successful collaboration. With Thunder, teams can finally create, share, and display information instantaneously, in a simple and natural way.

  • Eliminate lost time and costs of excessive travel
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Time-to-market is drastically shortened
  • Ideas are shared instantly, never lost or forgotten
  • Active global participation yields big ideas fast
  • Realize a measurable return on investment
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    Unleash the potential of your enterprise's intellectual energy.






    Thunder™ Virtual Flipchart™ System: Making it possible
    • Local and remote teams working with the same information and participating in real-time
    • Barriers of time and space eliminated from the way you work
    • Being able to engage all of your key players, regardless of location
    • Projecting participants' laptop content on the walls of your meeting room
    • Leaving a meeting without taking a single note or needing to copy flipchart content
    • Immediately distributing your meeting content to all participants via email
    • Your work living on after the meeting, in its original form
    • Bringing projects to life faster, with better results

    Now with Thunder you can work with people anywhere, any time, developing ideas, communicating concepts and information, and you never have to take another note, copy another flipchart, or wish the group had all been together in one place.

    A New Way to Collaborate
    Thunder is a groundbreaking new product that replaces traditional paper flipcharts with dynamic digital images and finally gives collaborative teams all of the tools they need to work and learn together or remotely. Thunder creates a stream of projected images that flows freely between remote collaborative groups, allows complete creative flexibility, enables immediate integration of all forms of media and content into your meetings, and offers the value of information preservation and persistence.

    Work and learn with anyone, anywhere, in real-time, and do it all with Thunder, a tool that changes the way the world looks atcollaboration.

    Thunder Control Panel and Toolbar provides an intuitive, walk-up-and-use experience.
    The Thunder Experience: In-Room

    Thunder was designed specifically to promote a truly collaborative experience. To ensure adoption, it was made nearly as easy to use as a traditional flipchart. But, unlike a flipchart, Thunder allows you to input information from just about any source - laptops, scanned images and video. Or, you can also just walk up and write on it.

    A brainstorming session is initiated by writing the objectives on the Thunder easel. The flipchart is automatically projected on the wall for all to see.

    The team starts to upload printed content by scanning it directly into Thunder. The images are instantly projected on the wall.

    A team member connects his laptop to Thunder and easily shares his important information. Thunder shows live views of laptop screens in individual charts. With the touch of an icon, Thunder prints the charts.

    Allowing multiple team members to connect their laptops to Thunder enables true participation and collaboration.

    Virtually any form of content is instantly shared, in real time, for the whole team to see.

    Expand your in-room experience to include your global team members. Call the design team in New York and they connect their Thunder room to yours with the touch of an icon. Your traveling executive in Atlanta and design expert in Tokyo join the meeting, right on schedule, with the click of a mouse.

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    The Thunder Experience: Global Meeting

    Thunder's remote participation properties make it a collaboration tool unlike anything ever conceived. Participants in all corners of the globe can share their ideas seamlessly, and help build on the data and information communicated, because they can experience the whole meeting or lesson in context, in real time, and truly participate.

    The product design team in their New York Thunder room is immersed in exactly the same information as the team in Silicon Valley. They review the content and make changes live by annotating the scan. Everyone can see everything, always.

    A traveling executive joins the meeting via laptop from the Atlanta airport, immediately sees what they are thinking, and shares his ideas with the team.

    The design expert in Tokyo joins the meeting between lectures at the university. She immediately notes a few issues in the design, and shares her solution with the team.

    Thunder™ Virtual Flipchart™ System: For Teams

    Thunder gives teams a simple and natural way to exchange information and collaborate.

    In-Room: There must be at least one Thunder room involved to start a Thunder meeting. Team members actively engage in the meeting by writing their thoughts directly on the group easel, connecting their in-room laptops, or simply discussing ideas and sharing information.

    Room-to-Room: With a simple touch of an icon, Thunder connects participants in another Thunder room - regardless of how distant - giving them a live view of the same meeting so all participants engage in an equal experience.

    Remote Participation: Any team member on any laptop with an Internet connection can instantly join the meeting - with full multi-way participation. Participants can share their laptop screen, actively add content, and annotate as if they were in the Thunder room, turning a personal computer into a true group device.

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