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Steelcase PolyVision Fuse DV303 Digital Visualizer

Fuse DV303 Digital Visualizer is a product of its unique kind that simultaneously acts as a document camera, scanner and a digital camera. This multifunctional product is excellent in its performance.

It is a perfect learning solution for distant learning that boosts up the learning experience. The document camera captures and displays the presentations, the web camera is there to connect with remote class rooms or conferences and scanner is there for capturing the student work. It enables collaborative working by allowing the students to share their projects and assignments.

Its 3.2 megapixel camera and 1080 pixels high-definition resolution ensures very fine quality images and video. It's easy to use interface has controls for directly saving the images or videos to computer. The video can be played-back for the missing students. The teachers can easily track previous lectures and continue with the new ones. It allows instructors to control the size of the images directly from the interactive whiteboard.

Its TrueSnap Technology automatically rotates the images as required. It can also be used to recolor the image without having any impact of binding bent. The TrueSnap Technology allows users to get high contrast photocopies. It uses only one USB power cord, which enables it to show excellent performance while consuming less power. Its efficient performance and valuable features makes it a worth making investment.

Steelcase  PolyVision Fuse DV303 Digital Visualizer
Steelcase PolyVision Fuse DV303 Digital Visualizer
Steelcase  PolyVision Fuse DV303 Digital Visualizer
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  • Multifunctional product for printing, scanning and video capturing.
  • Cost effective distance learning solution.
  • High definition video capture.
  • Easy to use interface and adjustable arm to ensure everybody to be the part of lesson.
  • Connects remote classrooms and contributes in enhanced learning experience.
  • It allows users to save and play-back the video.
  • It offers five different formats for image capture and scan.
  • It captures High definition 1080 pixels resolution video.
  • 3.2 megapixels camera with scratch-resistant lens.
  • It allows users to zoom up to 8X.
  • It is provided with software for easy operation.
  • It uses TrueSnap Technology for image clean-up. With TrueSnap technology, it automatically rotates, recolor and provide high contrast photocopies
  • Its bulb free LED lighting can serve up to 50,000 hours.
  • Users can resize the scanned images directly from interactive board.
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Sensor CMOS, 3.2 megapixels
Lens scratch-resistant 6mm glass
Resolution High definition 1080 Pixels
Frame Rate 30 fps (max)
Zoom 8x digital
Capture Area 17" x 11" (max); 2.25" x 1.8" (min)
Focal range 3.9"
Lighting Bulb-free LED lasts 50,000 hours
Interface USB 2.0
Weight 3.5 lbs
Flex Neck Length 20.5"

Software PolyVision fuse application for Windows® and Macintosh
Video program MPG
Image Capture/Scan JPEG, Adobe PDF, PNG, BMP, GIF,TIFF
Button Functions Application Launch, Auto Focus, Auto Tune, LED Light On/Off, Rotate Image (90°), Screen Lock, Zoom In/Out, Image Capture/Scan (Saves directly to computer), Video Recording ( Saves directly to computer), Print
Image clean-up TrueSnap technology
Output Modes: aspect ratios 1024 x 768; 1280 x 1024; 1600 x 1200; 2048 x 1536
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Steelcase  PolyVision Fuse DV303 Digital Visualizer

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