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CopyCam® Image Capturing Systems

"Capture ideas instantly."

CopyCam is an easy to use board recording system. The CopyCam camera arm can be mounted above any whiteboard up to 8-ft. The CopyCam Professional has just 3 buttons to operate. Just write on the whiteboard, then choose between printing, saving to diskette or output to the internet. The CopyCam-E is an even simpler version with 1 button operation. Each CopyCam Pro system includes an HP network printer. CopyCam is designed for permanent installation above an existing whiteboard or chalkboard. CopyCam is designed to be used with standard whiteboard markers or chalk, and is always on so that you never need to do any setup before a meeting. Finally, CopyCam is so simple to use that you don't need a computer in your conference room.

Steelcase Polyvision CopyCam E Image Capturing System
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
Shipping: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Warranty: One year limited warranty.
Extended warranties available
Discontinued & Replaced by

CopyCam Pro

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Supplies and accessories for this product
Product Description Price Order
CD-WPS Whiteboard Photo Software CD-ROM and User Guide. Software converts digital photos of whiteboards, flipcharts or other documents into printouts. $199

C-MI-M-084 8' x 4' (W x H) Markerboard for CopyCam, ceramic steel writing surface, premium wood trim with cast aluminum side accents $1088

C-MIM-M-084 8' x 4' (W x H) Markerboard for CopyCam, ceramic steel writing surface, aluminum trim with cast aluminum side accents $893

C-MIW-M-084 8' x 4' (W x H) Markerboard for CopyCam, ceramic steel writing surface, premium wood trim with cast aluminum corner accents $1,181

0040071 CopyCam E Right Cable Management Bridge conceals wiring from the right hand side of a Mistic Series Markerboard to the CopyCam control pad $73

0040072 CopyCam E Left Cable Management Bridge conceals wiring from the left hand side of a Mistic Series Markerboard to the CopyCam control pad $73

Play the video tutorial of Polyvsion Copycam image capturing system
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"Elevate group dynamics to a new dimension with CopyCam Solutions"
Collaborate Spontaneously
Small workgroups often yield big ideas, so no one wants to slow down idea generation with tedious note-taking. CopyCam Image Capturing System radically improves the efficiency of the idea generation process by transforming standard whiteboards into active copyboards. "Spontaneous collaboration" no longer requires pre-planning.
Capture Brilliance in a Snap
Capturing spontaneity is easy with CopyCam E. It offers the same benefits as CopyCam Pro, with a streamlined (one button) control pad. When you are ready to capture your work, just hit one button to save crisp, clear notes in full color to the internal archive.
Maintain Message Consistency
Ideal for multi-site companies, institutions, or remote users who share board content over a local area network (LAN) or the Web; simply push the button that saves notes to the system's internal archive, and then print it to the wireless printer.
  • Converts existing whiteboard or chalkboard into an active color copyboard
  • Saves time; eliminates transcription
  • Requires no special pens
  • No computer needed
  • Access from anywhere using a LAN
  • Superior clarity, even in far corners
  • Captures images in color
  • Retro Fits To Any Board Up to 4'x 8' in Size
  • Embedded Electronics
  • Simple One-Button Control Pad
  • Utilizes advanced Lens Optics
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Camera Arm:
  • 3.5 megapixels resolution
  • Captures line drawings and writing in any color
  • Enhances contrast for crystal clear copies
  • Automatically crops copies to board borders
  • Jacks for power, LAN, and control pad
Control Panel:
  • 1-button interface allows direct capture to web server
  • Weighs less than 1 lbs (.375kg)
  • Voice prompts and 3-color LED provide status
Floppy Diskette Drive:
  • Writes images to a standard IBM PC 3.5" formatted HD diskette
  • Each diskette holds 10 images
Built-in Web Server:
  • Can be accessed from anywhere on a LAN using standard web browser
  • Images are retained even when power loss is experienced
  • Supports fixed IP addressing or DHCP protocol
Power Requirements:
120V/240V, 50-60hz, 12W
Accessories (Included):
  • User's guide
  • Installation Manual
  • Mounting templates
  • Power adapter with 15' (4.6m) cord
  • 15' (4.6m) 100-baseT Ethernet cable
  • 10' (3.04m) cable from arm to control pad
  • 24' (7.32m) of cable raceway in 4' (1.22m) sections
  • "Tilt-up" mounting bracket for camera arm
Writing Surface Options:
  • Compatible with any marker or chalk board up to 48" high x 96" wide (1200mm x 2400mm)
  • For a sleek look with cable management capabilities, combine your CopyCam System with Steelcase PolyVision's Commercial Series markerboards

Model E

Camera Arm

Mounting Bracket

Control Panel Bridge

Dimension A (Width)

4.62 inches (11.73cm)

38 inches (96.52cm)

7.5 inches (19.05cm)


Dimension B (Height)

5.75 inches (14.6cm)

13.5 inches (34.29cm)



Dimension C (Bracket Height)



6 inches (15.24cm)


Dimension D (Depth)

1.62 inches (4.11cm)



8.62 inches (21.86cm)

Dimension E




.5 inch (1 .27cm)

Dimension F

.5 inch (1 .27cm)




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Documents & Demos
Polyvision Walk-and-Talk interactive whiteboard on a mobile stand.
Product sheet
Copycam series user guide
Copycam series operational & Installation guide
Copycam series demo video

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