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Panasonic UB-5838C Color Electronic Copyboard

Panasonic UB-5838C is a Color Copyboard and is ideal for use in office workspaces. It has an active area of 31.1” x 67.7” and has two writing screens. Simply interface the Panaboard UB-5838C with a PC and a Projector, and you’re ready to share great ideas and business plans. Audience can annotate over the projected image using colored board markers. The Panaboard Overlayer Software Compatibility featured in this electronic whiteboard allows the users to merge both handwritten notes and projected image onto a single digital file. Panasonic UB-5838C also includes Clear Marker Reproduction Technology that enables faded marker strokes to be printed with high contrast for better readability.

Panasonic panaboard UB-5838C comes with an intelligent Screen Erase Announce Function that automatically notifies when the board needs to be erased (via a blinking indicator). UB-5838C allows content to be saved in two file formats (PDF, JPEG). Data can be stored in an SD memory card or a USB memory stick. It also features a password protection functionality that prevents unauthorized users from printing the board contents.

Panasonic UB-5838C Color Electronic Copyboard
Panasonic UB-5838C Color Electronic Copyboard
Panasonic UB-5838C Color Electronic Copyboard
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  • Multiple Saving Options. The Panasonic UB-5838 gives you the option to save in SD Memory Card, USB Flash Memory, and even your computer. The contents are saved in either the SD memory card or the USB flash memory in pdf or JPEG format. They contents are saved on the computer through USB connection.
  • Color Printing. You can print versatile color prints without a PC. The SD memory card or the USB flash memory can plug into an MFP, and the contents printed from there. A color printer can also be directly connected via the USB to the Panasonic UB-5838c and print the notes.
  • 2-panel System. The Panasonic UB-5838c's 2-panel presentation system allows users to operate two whiteboard panels at once. This feature doubles the available whiteboard space without any additional costs associated with physical space.
  • Color Scanning Whiteboard
  • SD Memory Card/USB Flash Memory storage direct from the control panel
  • Color output in PDF or JPEG formats
  • USB Computer interface
  • Functions as a USB Flash Drive to the computer
  • Driver software not required
  • Built-in Security features
  • Password Lock prevents saving data without a password
  • Erase notification reminder to erase the contents on the board
  • Eco Friendly design
  • Save meeting notes directly to your PC, no paper required

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Input Block
Panel Dimensions (H x W) 33.0 in. x 68.5 in (838 mm x 1,740 mm)
Panel Surface 2 (endless scroll type)
Scanning Area (H x W) 31.1 in. x 67.7 in. (790 mm x 1,722 mm)
Scanning Size Standard-size / Full-size
Scanning Time (Until the scanning is finished)
  • Color : 30 seconds
  • Black and White : 20 seconds
Scanning Resolution (H x W)
  • Standard-size : 41 dpi x 41 dpi (1.6 dot/mm x 1.6 dot/mm)
  • Full-size : 62 dpi x 41 dpi (2.5 dot/mm x 1.6 dot/mm)
Printer Output
Interface USB 2.0 (Full Speed, USB Master, A-Type Connector)
Support Protocol PCL 3 GUI (Most HP Color Ink-Jet Printers)
Print Resolution 300 dpi x 300 dpi
Continuous Printing 1 to 9 sheets
Print Size Letter Size
General Specification
Power Supply AC 100-120 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Less than 0.35A / Less than 0.15A (Operational/Standby
Weight 62 lbs. (28 kg)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 44.3 in. x 78.6 in. x 8.8 in. (1,125 mm x 1,998 mm x 224 mm)
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Panasonic UB-5838C Color Electronic Copyboard

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