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NEC Professional Installation Projectors


Build Wide Power into your System
The NP4001 with WXGA (1280x768) native resolution was designed with the future in mind by supporting emerging wide screen resolutions being used in more of today's computers along with the ever increasing demands for HD signals. The NP4001 provides bright and clear images with 4500 lumens, vertical and manual lens shift and 5 optional bayonet style lenses allowing flexible projector placement. Dual lamp operation along with DLPT technology makes it the perfect choice for extended use installation projects.*

  • High brightness with 4500 lumens packed into a projector weighs a very light 36.4 lbs
  • Native Resolutions : WXGA 1024 x 768
  • Throw Ratio : 0.77:1
  • Projection Distance : 2.8 - 11.5 ft., 0.85 - 3.52m, Projection Angle : 0
  • Screen Size (diagonal): 50-200 in, 1270-5080 mm
NEC NP4001-06FL Portable Projector
NEC NP4001-06FL Projector
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
Shipping: Usually ships in one week
Warranty: Two year limited warranty on hardware and software


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Portable Projector Accessories
 Portable Projector Lamps 
LT20LPE Replacement Lamp For LT20 and LT20E Projector

LT30LP Replacement Lamp For LT30 Projector

LT35LP Replacement Lamp for LT35 Projector
$ 399.00

NP02LP Replacement Lamp for NP40 and NP50 projectors
$ 299.00

NP03LP Replacement Lamp for NP60 projector
$ 329.00

NP05LP Replacement Lamp for VT700 projector
$ 299.00

VT75LPE Replacement Lamp for LT280, LT380, VT470, VT670, VT676 and VT676E
$ 299.00

VT80LP Replacement Lamp for VT48 and VT49 Projectors 
$ 299.00

VT85LP Replacement Lamp For VT480, VT490, VT580, VT590. VT595 and VT695 Projectors
$ 299.00

 Ceiling Mounts/Mount Accessories 

LT30CM Ceiling Mount and Adapter Plate for LT30 and LT35 Projectors
$ 179.00

NP01UCM Universal ceiling mount for installation of projectors that weigh less than 50 lbs. (does not work with NP40/50/60)

NP40CM Ceiling Mount with custom adapter plate for NP40, NP50 and NP60 projectors

VL80CM Ceiling Mount For LT280/380, VT700, VT80 series and VT90 series projectors

SCP100 Lightweight adjustable suspended ceiling plate for use with NEC ceiling mounts 

ADJ006009 6" to 9" adjustable extension column for use with projector ceiling mounts. 
1-1/2 diameter pipe extension adjusts in one inch increments 
$ 49.99

ADJ012018 12" to 18" adjustable extension column for use with projector ceiling mounts. 
1-1/2 diameter pipe extension adjusts in one inch increments 

ADJ0203 2' to 3' adjustable extension column for use with projector ceiling mounts. 
1-1/2 diameter pipe extension adjusts in one inch increments 

ADJ0305 3' to 5' adjustable extension column for use with projector ceiling mounts. 
1-1/2 diameter pipe extension adjusts in one inch increments 

Carts and Screens
PJLECT01 Projector Multimedia Lectern
PJCART01 Projector multimedia cart with adjustable shelves and locking storage
PJCART03 Adjustable projector cart

 Service Programs 
LampProtect™ - Must Be Sold Within 90 Days Of Projector Purchase.  Can Only Be Sold Through Authorized Star Student Resellers.  Sold Only To Educational Not For Profit Institutions, Museums and Libraries.
LampProtect  3 year Lamp Protection for VT80 series, VT90 series, LT280, LT380 Projectors.  Covers Up To 2 REPLACEMENT Lamps over a three year period.
VLIC03 Extends term of InstaCare service program and limited parts and labor warranty to three years.  Includes shipping both ways.  Available for LT280, LT380, NP40/50/60, VT49, VT491, VT590, VT595 and VT695 projectors.
VLNPL03 Extends term of limited parts and labor warranty to three years.  Available for LT280, LT380, NP40/50/60,  NP1000, NP2000, NP4000, VT49, VT491, VT590, VT595 and VT695 projectors.
VLMTC-02  For duration of the standard warranty (3 years), loaner or  repair
services are available in EU countries, Japan, and Australia
(for U.S. and Canadian customers traveling abroad). Available for
LT280/380, NP40/50/60, NP1000/2000/4000, VT49, VT491, VT590, VT595 and VT695 projectors.
VTP04 Extends term of parts warranty to 4 years.  Available for VT90 Series, NP40/NP50/NP60 and LT280/LT380
VTPL04 Extends term of parts and labor warranty to 4 years.   Available for VT90 Series, NP40/NP50/NP60 and LT280/LT380
NECECO Recycling Fee for NEC and non-NEC projectors up to 40 lbs. 

 Replacement Remotes 
RMT-PJ19 Replacement remote for LT20 and LT20E Projectors
RMT-PJ20 Replacement remote for LT30 and LT35 projectors
RMT-PJ21 Replacement remote control for VT80 series and VT90 series projectors
RMT-PJ22 Replacement remote for LT280, LT380, NP1000 and NP2000 
RMT-PJ23 Replacement remote for NP40, NP50 and NP60 projectors

 Misc. Accessories 
NWL-100A IEEE 802.11g Wireless Lan Card for LT280, LT380, NP1000, NP2000, LT245 and LT265 Projectors
$ 99.00
NP01MD 128MB USB memory for use with LT280, LT380, NP1000, NP2000, VT770, WT610, LT240, LT245, LT260 and LT265 Projectors
SPKR30 30 Watt self powered speaker for connection to projectors with variable audio out or connection to line level output from multimedia sources. Includes inputs for dynamic and condenser microphones
PCA100 Projector control adapter.  Enables LAN to RS232 connection.   Works with NEC PC Control utility Pro 3.0.  Use with VT49, VT491, VT590, VT595 and VT695 projectors.
WPA001  Wireless projector and plasma adapter.  802.11a/b/g compliant adapter connects to VGA input on display.  Receives information from computers equipped with WLAN card.  Use with VT80 series, VT90 series, VT700, NP40/50/60, LT30, LT35, LT20e, PX42XM5, PX-42XR5, PX-50XM6, PX-50XR6, PX-60XM5, PX60XR5
$ 239.00
NP01MR IR receiver connects to computer USB input.  Compatible with NP40/50/60, VT49/490/491/590/595/695, LT280/380, NP1000/2000 and WT610 remotes.

Features & Benefits
  • 4500 Lumens
  • WXGA 1280x768 native resolution
  • DarkChip3T DLPT Technology
  • Extended use operation
  • Complete line of 5 optional bayonet style lenses
  • Advanced video processing with BrilliantColorT
  • Complete control of projector using RS-232/LAN from a control system
  • Dual lamp operation providing redundancy
Key Points Powered Vertical and horizontal lens shift and a complete line of optional bayonet style lenses (5)
Changeable Color Wheels
4500 Lumens
Wired network projector
Unique Features Remote diagnostics
Lamp saver technologies with heat sensor and reserve power to keep cooling fan running even after disconnected from power.
Display Technology DLP (0.65" DMD)
Native WXGA 1280 x 768
Maximum UXGA 1600x1200
Light Output (lumens) 4500 normal
Contrast Ratio up to 2100:1
Lamp Type 260W AC
Lamp Life (up to) 2000 hours normal/2500 hours eco
Screen Size (diagonal) NP06FL: 50-200 in, 1270-5080 mm
NP07ZL, NP08ZL, NP09ZL, NP10ZL: 40-500 in, 1016-12700 mm
Throw Ratio NP06FL 0.77:1
NP07ZL 1.33 - 1.79:1
NP08ZL 1.78 - 2.35:1
NP09ZL 2.22 -.43:1
NP10ZL 4.43 - 8.3:1
Projection Distance NP06FL 2.8 - 11.5 ft, 0.85 - 3.52 m
NP07ZL 3.8 - 60.9 ft, 1.15 - 18.56 m
NP08ZL 5.1 - 79.9 ft, 1.55 - 4.35m
NP09ZL 6.3 - 152.3 ft, 1.92 - 46.41 m
NP10ZL 12.6 - 283.3 ft, 3.85 - 86.36 m
Projector Angle NP06FL 0
NP07ZL 12.4 /9.3
NP08ZL 9.2 /7.0
NP09ZL 8.8 /7.4
NP10ZL 3.8 /2.0
Zoom Powered
Focus Powered
F-number, f-number NP06FL F=2.0 mm, f=11.4 mm
NP07ZL F=1.8 to 2.3 mm, f=19.3 to 25.8 mm
NP08ZL F=1.7 to 1.9 mm, f=26.0 to 34.0 mm
NP09ZL F=2.1 to 2.9 mm, f=32.0 to 63.0 mm
NP10ZL F=2.2 to 3.1 mm, f=63.5 to 117.4 mm
Shift Manual, 50% Vertical, +/- 10% Horizontal
Keystone Correction Vertical +/-40 , horizontal +/-27 degrees
Signal Compatibility/Connectivity
Scan Rate
Horizontal 15 to 90 kHz
Vertical 50 to 85 Hz
Supported Video Standards NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL, PAL-60, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM
SD/HD Video Signal Compatibility 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i
PC Signal Compatibility VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, SXGA+, UXGA, WXGA
Macintosh Compatibility Yes
Input/Output Terminals
RGB 1 (analog) 15 pin
RGB 2 (analog) 5 BNC
RGB 3 (digital) DVI-D w/ HDCP
Video 1 RCA
Video 2 S-Video
Video 3 Component
HD Video 1 N/A
HD Video 2 N/A
Audio (2) L/R RCA, 3 mini stereo
Monitor out 1 - 15pin
Audio out Variable 1 x mini stereo
Audio 2 x 3W Stereo Speakers
External Control RS232, IR
Sync Compatiblity Separate Sync/Composite Sync/Sync on G
Networking Wired LAN using integrated RJ45
Power Req. 100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Input Current 6.5A
Power Consumption 655W
Installation Orientation Floor/Front, Floor/Rear, Ceiling/Front, Ceiling/Rear
Dimensions (WxDxH) 19.88 x 15.16 x 8.23 in, 505 x 385 x 209 mm
Net Weight 36.4 lbs, 16.5kg
Fan Noise 36 dB normal/34 dB eco-mode
Regulations USA UL60950-1 FCC Class B, Canada CSA60950-1 (C-UL), NOM-001-SCFI-1993
Operational Temp. 41 to 104 F / 5 to 40 C Sea Level 41 to 73 F / 5 to 23 C @ 10,000 ft
Humidity 20-90% (non-condensing)
Storage 14 to 140 F / -10 to 60 C
Warranty Registered owners receive a 2-year limited warranty including Registered owners receive a 2-year limited warranty including InstaCare. Includes two year limited warranty on parts and labor. The lamp is covered for one year or 500 hours - whatever comes first. InstaCare provides the original owner one year of either limited 3 business day repair/return or next business day exchange
Additional Features
VORTEXT Technology Plus Breakthrough image processing technology improves white level, color accuracy, dynamic range and varying levels of black in an image.
AutosenseT Automatically syncs with any computer signal and features one touch image optimization.
SweetVision IIT
3D ReformT
Automatic keystone correction
Built-in Wall Color Correction
Advanced AccuBlendT Ensures detailed images when non-native resolution sources are connected to the projector.
Kensington Lock Slot Enables security cable to be attached to projector.
Image Magnification 64-step image magnification with location control
Sleep Timer N/A
Eco-ModeT Technology Extends lamp life, lowers audible noise and reduces total cost of ownership.
Discreet Source Keys Projector and remote feature direct access buttons for source selection
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NEC NP4001-06FL Projector
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