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Mimio Board 90 Interactive (16:9 aspect ratio )
A dry-erase board, an interactive whiteboard and a copyboard - all in one

mimioBoard is a low cost interactive whiteboard solution that combines the award-winning mimio™ technology with a high quality, P3 ceramic steel whiteboard. With mimioBoard, teachers can:
• Electronically capture, save and share whiteboard notes, diagrams and drawings.
• Use with a projector to control and annotate desktop applications and documents directly from the whiteboard.

Competitive Advantages
• Larger surface area—mimioBoard’s 4’x6’ whiteboard size and 80” diagonal offers a larger surface area than most comparable interactive whiteboards.
• Durability—mimioBoard's technology is not built into the board making it less susceptible to damage than other touch sensitive boards.
• Utility—mimioBoard can be used interactively with a projector or without to simply record your notes, drawings and diagrams.
• Affordability—mimioBoard is priced significantly lower than other comparable interactive whiteboards.

award Scholastic Administr@tor awards mimio a Best in Tech Award, 2009 for Whiteboard Solutions. Scholastic will recognize mimio at a formal awards ceremony during the 2009 National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Washington, D.C
Mimio Board 90 Interactive (16:9 aspect ratio )
Condition: New
Availability: In stock
Shipping: Usually ships in 5-7 business days
Warranty: Two year limited warranty
  Free upgrade to five years upon product registration
mimio Board
mimio Mouse
mimio Studio
USB (Wireless) Adapter
USB Cable - 16ft (5m)
USB Extension Cable
AC Adapter
AA Battery

           Size List Price Our Price Add to Cart
88" diagonal   Discontinued
110" diagonal $3,450          $2,795 Discontinued
Installation Services
Product Description Price Order
Services Electronic Whiteboard Installation $495

Supplies and accessories for this product:
Product Description Price Order
850-0055 mimio Mouse - Interactive Stylus Pen $86

580-0014 mimio Capture Accessory Kit $231

850-0054 mimioBoard 16' USB Cable $8

610-0015 16' active USB extension cable $19

850-0029 black stylus $37

850-0037 red stylus $37

850-0038 green stylus $37

850-0039 blue stylus $37

850-0043 purple stylus $37

850-0044 yellow stylus $37

850-0045 orange stylus $37

850-0046 brown stylus $37

850-1003 mimio marker Stylus Pen Holder $12

850-0030 eraser & holder $46

850-0001 eraser replacement felt kit $9

850-0047 NIMH Battery Charger $20

850-0049 Battery 4-Pack NIMH N-Cell $11

850-0050 Battery 4-Pack NIMH N-Cell $31

850-0051 Battery 4-Pack NIMH N-Cell $137

610-0017 mimio smartCaps (8 colors) $18

850-0048 Set of 8 stylus marker caps $7

850-0042 mimioMouse stylus insert (silver gray) $6

610-0051 Rolling Stand for mimioBoard 2.5 x 3.1 $298

610-0054 Rolling Stand for mimioBoard 4' x 6' & mimioBoard 4' x 8' $499

610-0052 Rolling Stand for mimioBoard 3' x 4' Discontinued

Don't just present - inspire.

Integrated wireless
With mimio Board's integrated wireless technology you no longer need to worry about tripping over cables or whether the USB cable is long enough to reach your computer. mimio Board uses 2.4 GHz DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) signal transmission technology and has a range of up to 30ft with no line-of-sight requirement. mimio Board's wireless technology does not cross talk or interfere in any way with 802.11 WiFi networks or other wireless devices.

mimio Mouse stylus
With the included ergonomic mimio Mouse stylus, controlling your interactive whiteboard has never been easier. The mimio Mouse stylus has a teflon tip to glide across any surface and two integrated buttons with user selectable functions, such as hover and right-click.

Durable and Low Cost
mimio Board's durability is top of the line. The whiteboard itself is high quality porcelain steel. The electronic circuitry and sensors that activate the board are located securely within the frame, inaccessible to the jolts, abrasions or physical wear that can damage or degrade the performance of boards with touch sensitive surfaces. Highest quality materials and isolated electronics make mimio Board a safe investment for the long term. With mimio Board you get a Bigger, Better interactive whiteboard at an unprecedented list price. mimio Board is up to 40% less expensive than other interactive white boards in the market today.

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  • Control computer applicationsdirectly from the whiteboard.
  • Save as mimio files (.ink) or asimages (jpg, bmp, pict).
  • Export to HTML and post notesto websites.
  • Export to iMovie and/orQuickTime (Mac).
  • Email or print files.
  • Replay and review notes stroke by stroke.
  • Copy and paste notes into any MS Office or Win/Mac application.
  • mimio ink data files are crosscompatible between Windows and Mac computers.
Demo Video
Computer Interface:
USB (fully compliant with USB 2.0)
Onboard Data Storage:
(stand-alone mode)
1/2MB Flash memory stores board notes equivalent to 10 hour meeting
automatically downloaded to computer when connected by USB cable.
Power options:
(default/priority order)
- USB connection to the computer
- 4 x AA batteries (40+ hours active use)
- Optional AC adapter (US 110v or Int’l 100-240v)
Capture Bar Weight:
1.1 lbs./0.5 kg with batteries,
0.8 lbs./0.37 kg without batteries.
Capture Bar Dimensions:
Fully Open = 18.1 in. L x 2.8 in. W x 1.1 in. H • 46 cm L x 7.0 cm W x 2.8 cm H
Folded = 9.4 in. L x 2.8 in. W x 2.2 in. H • 24 cm L x 7.0 cm W x 5.7 cm H
100 dots per inch • Signal tracking frequency 87 times per second.
Attachment Options:
ABS Plastic mounting brackets w/ removable adhesive strips for permanent & repeatable position snap-in
4 x suction cups for temporary attachment (up to 1 day)
Controls & Indicators at the whiteboard:
New Page / Tag Page / Print Board / Window Size / Control Panel Calibration
Power On button LED (w/ low battery power indicator) / Memory reset button (recessed)
Ink Capture indicator LED / Data in memory indicator LED
mimio Stylus Type2 - use Sanford Expo - type dry erase markers (Basic and Extended colors supported)
Use 1 x N cell battery (32 hours battery life actual writing time)
Electronic Eraser:
Dual surface - wide (3.9 in./10cm) and "finger tip" (0.75 in./1.9cm) erasure stroke.
Uses 1 x AAA alkaline battery (12 hours battery life actual erasing time).
Hardware Security:
Supports Kensington style cable lock.
International Use:
Batteries or Computer USB as primary power source means "Start up and Go" in any country
• mimio interactive + capture bar with linkUSB interface module
• Four (4) 'Pen 2' styli with four (4) smartCaps
• Eraser with holder (silver)
• Four (4) Expo markers (Red, Green, Blue, Black)
• USB cable - 4.87m
• mimioMouse insert
• Batteries for bar (AA x 4), eraser (AAA x 1) and pens (N x 4)
• ABS Plastic Snap-in mounting brackets (with 3M Command adhesive strips)
• CD with mimio 2.7 software and software tutorial start-up guide, User Guide and Control Panel pdf’s.
• Quick Start Install guide booklet (with Technical Support and Hardware Reference cards)
Direct Export data formats:
Windows: JPEG, BMP, WMF, EMF, HTML, SVS (scalable vector graphic), EPS (encapsulated postscript)

Mac: PICT, JPEG, HTML, QuickTime, Digital Video, iMovie, SVS (scalable vector graphic), EPS
Ink Data Magnification:
Over 3000% via Zoom function
Operating Systems Supported:
Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
Macintosh OS X v. 10.2 or higher

Note: original mimio device & software v1.5 supports OS 9
Whiteboard Active Area:
4-ft. x 8-ft. • 2.4 m x 1.2 m (landscape or portrait orientation)
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