Interactive Whiteboards


A computer is normally controlled by a mouse, however, with an interactive whiteboard you can touch the board to control the mouse cursor instead. As you move your finger across the whiteboard, displaying the computer image, the mouse cursor follows. You simply tap the screen twice with your finger to perform the normal double-click as you would do with your mouse. This is advantageous as you can control all the computer actions from the front of the class or meeting room. You can also write or draw on the whiteboard with your finger or the pens provided and save the image to the computer. These images, which are your notes from the meeting or training session, can then be printed or emailed. The software included with some interactive whiteboards also has built in Optical Character Recognition, which means can write on the screen and the compute will recognize your hand writing and turn it into computer text.
Various types of interactive whiteboards are available in the market today that range from $800 to $10,000 depending on the technology used and the quality of projection surface. There are three types of interactive whiteboards.
Front projection interactive whiteboards Portable interactive whiteboards Rear projection interactive whiteboards

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